Quest still using ASL script?

Yes. Why?

The new QuestJs is using Javascript

I thought they gave up on Quest JS?

I thought they gave up on Quest JS?

QuestJS and QuestKt seem to have gone.

The QuestJS forum is now being used for Quest 6, which is based in javascript but seems to have very little connection to Quest.

Some people seem to be saying "QuestJS" to mean Quest 6, which might add to the confusion, as they seem to be very different projects.

I've been thinking of building a JS engine that will run older Quest games, but that's still on the drawing board.

This is Quest 6:

It is coming soon. It is called QuestJS on GitHub, but it is Quest 6.

It will also have an editor which will run on any platform:

The editor isn't fully operational yet, but it will read in aslx (the current Quest) files as well as asl6 (which is basically JSON).

This is the old, never-completed, doesn't work, totally different quest-js:

QuestKit was never completed either:

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