Transferring Quest To An Old PC

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The current version needs the current OS... (Or close to that.)
I discovered Quest does not like Win 2K...
Maybe you could use an older version of Quest on the older PC/OS...

Or... just update your older OS to something newer... XP maybe.

Is there a problem with getting service pack 3? If you can find it just installing that would be the best option. I seem to remember Windows XP had some serious bloat, and the amount of RAM it required tripled over its life time, so that may be an issue. We still have some XP PCs at work, running on 1 Gb of RAM, so that is enough, you may be able to get away with less. If it is not enough, it will use the hard drive as RAM, and will be really slow.

The current version of Quest does not work on XP, and that is true back to version 5.6 I think, the last version Alex released. I am not sure about earlier versions, but I think 5.5 should be okay, as it came out in 2014. More recent versions rely on Windows libraries that were not in earlier Windows.

HK was using Windows XP for a long time, so might be able to add more (has he been around recently?).

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