Make a load of threads

Hi all,
This isn't a flaming thread, nor am i swearing. but i'd just like to point out that people have been calling me imature. THEN they go and make a load of threads, insulting me, and even making a poll about me!!!

Alot of you persist to provoke me because you know i have a short fuse.

As for "Pizza face", sorry to dissappoint you, but my face is quite clean. Maybe not in highschool, but if you want to lower yourself to that level of childish insults, go ahead.

Sorry to do this Alex, but you need to see that if it wasn't for people insulting me in the first place, i wouldn't be fighting back or defending myself against false accusations.

I've been around for a long time. And just because i don't announce my game every second of the day, doesn't mean i'm not developing one when i get chance after work or gigging.

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