Downloadable Mac Version of Quest?

Hi, everyone! I'm super-duper new here (like, I've been working on my first text adventure for just a week), and I'm really excited to get into the more complex parts of working with Quest.

My first setback today was the servers being down, haha, and I didn't get to work on my game at all today. So now I'm definitely wanting a desktop version so I can work on it even when servers are down! I see that there's a desktop version of Quest, but it's for Windows only. Are there plans to come out with a Mac version sometime? Or should I just keep plugging away at the browser version? (I mean, either way, I'll keep plugging away at the browser version for now.)

Anyway, I'm loving the Quest format so far. It's great for someone like me with zero experience coding, but an interest in learning a little. Thanks everyone for contributing to this great program!

Uhh...I think there wasn't a plan for a mac version, but if I understand it correctly, plans for Quest Kit was to make Quest entirely browser based so it wouldn't need an operating system----just a browser window. I could be mistaken on this and I'm not sure if Quest Kit has been dropped but there ya go ^_^ Jay, Pixie and Pertex would be the best people to ask in my opinion as they are all expert programmers who have been around here for a very long time.


This is the latest news I've found regarding QuestKit:

QuestKit ("quest v6.0") is abandoned as Alex moved on before he completed it. Sometime, in the far future, when/if Pixie learns quest enough, he might finish it, but again, that's in the far future, as Alex created quest using a bunch of different programming languages and etc, so it'll take Pixie a long time. Alex has been developing quest for like 10 (or was it 20) years. That's a lot of stuff for Pixie to have to learn.

here: (scroll down a few articles, starting with 'meet the new team' article, and keep reading the articles after that for a bit, to learn about what is needed to learn quest, to be able to then have enough knowledge to continue on the QuestKit development)

Alex has been developing quest for like 10 (or was it 20) years.

I have just been looking back at old blog posts; Quest 1.0 was released 7/Nov/98, so nearly 20.

1998 is 20 years... Almost. I was born in 1997. I'm 20 now...

the 20s go by so fast, sighs. In the blink of an eye, you're now in your 30s going on 40... and it hits you, that you're no longer young.

(under 30 is young, in my own personal view)

(and the years just go faster and faster, finding yourself... 40, 50, 60, 70, etc. You're left wondering where all the time as gone...)

(0 to 20 seems like forever, 1 year feels like 10 years from 0 to 10, and then 1 year feels like 5 years from 10 to 20)

(from 20 on, 10 years feel like 1 year...)

(Time truly is the most valuable resource to organisms, at least until technology provides aging-immunity/immortality)

(Jupiter Ascending movie has this plot/theme to it, but it's done insignificantly/poorly, and is a poor rip-off of Wolf's Rain anime series)

Has anyone figured out how Alex built Quest 6 outside of Windows?

I've followed these steps (after navigating to the Player directory):

This runs the player in your browser.

It works in Arch Linux and Linux Mint. (I have no Mac.)

It will load blank.aslx. You can 'play' it, but none of the exits lead anywhere (it's blank.aslx)...


Anyway, I'm in Linux, so I opened blank.aslx in Notepadqq, and I added an object in the one room that existed... and that rendered the game unplayable.

(I guess it needs to be built using Quest 6? I'm about to log back into Windows and test this out.)

Also, every time I edit the game, I have to stop npm run web, then run gulp asl4, gulp, and npm run web again. Then refreshing the browser starts the game back up. (I'm sure I'm probably missing something...)

Has anyone (besides Alex) had any success building Quest 6 under Linux or Mac?

Jupiter Ascending movie has this plot/theme to it, but it's done insignificantly/poorly

...and that's sugar-coated. I like bad movies, and that movie is unwatchable. I mean... I watched the whole thing once, attentively, expecting something to not be bad... but, the Honest Trailer guys are right: those guys couldn't even kill Sean Bean right! (If you've suffered that 'movie', and you haven't seen the Honest Trailer for it, go search! It's on YouTube, and it almost makes it worth having watched the 'film'.)

It seems to me, and this is a WILD theory, that I need to learn to compile a Visual Basic project using MonoDevelop, or Mono-something...

...and I wonder if the Quest 6 Editor ever ran under any OS other than Windows...

The screenshot Alex posted is of a game running, not being edited.



I made a game with Quest 6, then copied it to the player directory, ran all of the commands, and it loaded in the browser. No commands work that way though (although they do work when I play in the offline player (5.7), but the compass throws errors).

Game Code
This is a SERIOUSLY long code! ```

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