I don't think Game Designers know what "Easy" means.

I don't think Game Designers know what "Easy" means.

Every time I've played games with multiple difficulty settings, the game developers seem to have the impression that "easy = no enemies and/or cheating."

It does not.

It is neither Normal nor Peaceful. It can be cheating if you purposefully make it that way, but it's not supposed to be like that. Easy is for people who just started the game, or children, or something.

The only game I saw that got this right was Minecraft. I play the XBOX ONE version, so the modes are: Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard. The PC version technically has Hardcore Mode, but in my understanding, that mode only disables the "respawn" feature, and completely deletes the world if you die.
There is also an Adventure mode, where depending on which update/which version (PC/PS4/XBOX ONE, etc.) you play, either means you get creepers to blow everything up, or you just adjust the settings so that grass seeds or pork chops break every single block in the game.

...I got off track...

XanMag DEFINITELY doesn't know what "Easy" means, I can tell you that much!

...I got off track...

You've been talking to me too often! I've infected you with Segue Disease!!!

I recently got Arma II cheap on Steam, and playing the first mission on regular I died over 20 times (single player). I am slowly getting better...

  • "XanMag DEFINITELY doesn't know what "Easy" means, I can tell you that much!"

Wha...? Me? I resemble that remark. I guess.

Well, I liked XanMag's tutorial game. I played Dragon's Den and Xanadu a little bit. Lol, "men in tights"...

Oh, I like XanMag's games...

He just thinks they're all easy because he wrote them, and he knows what to do at any given time.

I thought you were supposed to use "Use" on everything.

But, that's why I don't like some of these games... ahem, the more story/oriented ones...

I thought you were supposed to use "Use" on everything.

Having to use "Use" almost put me off of Quest games in the very beginning. Luckily, one of the first games I played was good enough to keep me interested! (It was The Bony King of Nowhere, by the way. It's good, funny stuff!)

Most games that I've played use use, with a few exceptions.

The Dragon's Den requires you use use on everything, as explained in the tutorial.

Bottom line, as expanded on in Minecraft: Easy is either a slightly easier than Normal mode, or it's like a tutorial. Or, you could be like the other developers and just make "Easy" a faux cheat mode.

A tutorial mode option seems to be the best route for text adventures.

>attack jmnevil54
SYSTEM MESSAGE: jmnevil54 will probably destroy you in one turn if you have not studied the arts of IF combat!
Would you like to enter tutorial mode? (During tutorial mode, tips will be displayed in a new side pane.)

  1. Enter tutorial mode.
  2. I know what I'm doing! Get on with the game already!

Dragon's Den is awesome, by the way!

If anyone reading this hasn't played it, check it out:

Into the Dragon's Den

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