What aspect of your game are you working on today? Pt II

Following on from the original:


To get me motivated xD

Well, not today but...

X3 is divided into three parts.

  1. "Above ground" puzzle scenarios in the village (95% done)
  2. "Underground" battle scenarios inside a dungeon cave and
  3. "Castle" combo of puzzles and battles in the finale.

I'm going to work on touch-ups to part 1 and... Oh my... Begin the battle coding for part 2.

Looking forward to it because it's new and I haven't done anything like it before but also dreading it because I haven't done anything like it before.

EDIT: Sorry. I realize that is likely the OPPOSITE of motivational. :)

Working on the last Pregnancy scripts which have about 3 or 4 different variables each and then I'll start on revising the player description. ^_^ Get to work!


I'm mostly focused on a CYOA project right now, but I threw together a quick and lazy 'memories' system that's basically going to act as a combination journal/achievements list.

That can be quite a tricky bit to do. Lots of code behind something that seems so "simple".

I got a good laugh out of the old forum posts of mine. In July, I stated I was soooo close to being done. Then again in August. And again in October. I think it started being beta-tested in November and was released in December! lol

And, I've gone and done it again. I told one of my reviewers for X2 that I was hoping to be ready for beta-testers for X3 by January. It's already March and I'm about 1/2 way through X3. YIKES!! No more promises. Lesson learned! 8D

currently writing a whole ton of room descriptions.

Prospector - Reincarnated:

Graphical 2D rendering, multi-tile objects need to "dissapear" from the edges of the map properly without "corrupting" their sizes.
So far, dissapearing works on all three sides except left.
Each side is a different issue because the tiles are drawn from upper most left corner horizontally in one column then when column is finished it goes to the second column from left to right until the whole map is generated.

Objects dissapearing down was the most easiest, literally no code was needed to make it work.
Side UP was easy because all you need to do is tell the game to skip one column based on how many tiles are out of the map.

Side RIGHT was tricky and forced me to add a variable that detects what column is currently being drawn and based on what tile is "out of view" it skips the tiles.

Side LEFT, well this is the most hardest because I do not know how to do it accurately. Sometimes it skips one tiles, sometimes two. But I am working on it.


Quest can do a lot and accommodate veering from the track but it never tends to be straight forward when you do so. Which is one of the reasons Alex wanted to develop a JavaScript solution - it would solve loads of coding problems.

Working on remastering the player description again!

Just have a couple loose ends to tidy up in my 1st third (as you may have noticed from my Quest Forum posts), but now I am on to the battling sequence in the 2nd third of my game. Oh my. Wish me luck!! =D

Today, I'm doing Interactive Objects in a new room and adding a quest to it. ^_^

testing order of events and daft things player may do with containers, checking typos and making sure all items have 'examine' description, adding NPC conversations. thankfully the servers seem a bit better tonight.

¿Alguien de habla hispana?

Just finished working on about 8.1k words of dead zombie description. Now moving onto the few living ones e___e

I'm breaking out an old notebook of graphing paper and trying to map out a space ship.

Doing a release as soon as we can figure out how to fix this function I'm working on. http://textadventures.co.uk/forum/quest/topic/liesbkx4iugwnh6g4_fivw/exit-question-unsolved-again . In the meantime, writing some cow-girl/minotaur transformations :P


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