For all you imbibers out there...

If anyone is interested, I rather enjoy a tasty beverage, and would both appreciate and encourage you to buy me one (or fetch me one) the next time you see me and/or enjoy one yourself. That is, only if you are of proper age.
1. 21st Amendment – Brew Free or Die
2. 3 Floyds – Alpha King
3. 3 Floyds Yum Yum
4. Actual Brewing Thermal Conductor
5. Alaskan Brewing Co. – White
6. Alpine Beer Company – Duet IPA
7. Atwater – Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale
8. Ballast Point – Grapefruit Sculpin
9. Ballast Point – Victory at Sea
10. Bell’s – Hopslam
11. Bell’s – Two Hearted Ale
12. Boddingtons
13. Boulder – Shake Chocolate Porter
14. Breckenridge – Vanilla Porter
15. Brew Kettle – Black Rajah
16. Brewdog – Punk IPA
17. Cigar City – Jai Alai
18. Clown Shoes – Baked Goods
19. Columbus IPA
20. Dark Horse – Crooked Tree IPA
21. Delirium Tremens
22. Dogfish Head – 60 Minute IPA
23. Dogfish Head – 90 Minute IPA
24. Dogfish Head – Romantic Chemistry
25. Duclaw Brewing Co. – Sweet Baby Jesus
26. Elevator - 380 IPA
27. Elysian Brewing Company - Elysian Space Dust
28. Founders – All Day IPA
29. Great Lakes – Chill Wave IPA
30. Green King Brewery - Old Speckled Hen
31. Guinness
32. Lagunitas – Lagunitas IPA
33. Russian River – Pliny the Elder
34. Sierra Nevada – Torpedo IPA
*35. Young's - Double Chocolate Stout

Don't text adventure and drive...

I think you crossed the streams, Forgewright.

That is, unless I've been doing something ill-advised or illegal all along...

Or, is it Don't drink and text adventure?

Well, that could also explain my games.

Good choices, all, but you missed a good one (maybe)...
Arbor Brewing Co. - Fat Abbot
(dark stout with a lager'll drink a 6-pack before you realize it)


What, do you have a beer Quest in Xanadu or something?

(I'm really going to get back to playing it, I promise! I've been writing some SHARD material here lately... It might not suck when I get it drafted up.)


I forgot about the pub in Dragon's Den!

Thar be beer!

That is one I haven't tried but it seems right up my alley. I love stouts. I actually should put Young's Double Chocolate Stout on there Check edit. If you are a stout guy, that is certainly a top 2-3 stout. I'm a bit of an IPA snob though. =)

Idea for new game - Must complete a 'beer marathon' at which at the end of you must be able to complete a task. Imagine the kind of fun trouble/options you could get yourself into!

'beer marathon'


I think you should combine all of your current game ideas!

You are XanMag.

An 8 year version of him, at any rate...

The grown up version of yourself has appeared, and he's in worse shape than Bruce Willis at the beginning of any good Bruce Willis movie!

He says you must go out and get him a certain kind of beer...

He says all of the dimensions are at stake!

...then he mumbles something about shards and passes out.


Lil' Xan Goes to Beer World

You fill in the rest sir.

(You filled in the beginning, anyway. I just put the puzzle pieces together.)

Beer good!

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