Deleting unused images [Solved]

I'm only using Quest on a desktop (not uploading it), but I still don't want it to be a massive file. It keeps telling me to resize my images and delete unused ones from the game file. I've resized them, but this keeps making the file bigger because it is adding new files (the smaller ones) without deleting the old ones. How exactly does one delete unused files from the game file?


You just need to delete the image files from your game's directory.

Right, yes, I have read something akin to, "So, in short, you need to find the image in your game folder and delete it or move it to another folder that is not the game folder for your .aslx file." repeatedly, but I can't actually FIND whatever the game folder is, or if I have found it, I haven't found any images in it.

It should be in a location similar to this:

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Quest Games\<gamename>

Note that you'll have to build the game again (after removing any unwanted image files) before the .quest file's size changes.

I appreciate your help. I found the Quest Games folder under Documents, but the only thing in it was an empty file called Downloaded Games.

Should that folder be filled with the gifs etc. that I used?

Is there any other way to track down where it is pulling these files from?

Nevermind, I found them. I had installed it wonky, so the files were under a completely unrelated file I set up during installation. I just started moving files until the saved game size dropped way down.

Thank you very much for the help!

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