Do you play on a mobile device?

I just played a game on my Android...

No status bar.

I'm betting it's disabled because of the display settings, so I'm not complaining or anything. Just noticing things aloud.

If I were to play an entire game on my phone, I would end up turning my phone sideways and requesting the desktop site so I could play the game as it was intended to be played, with panes and map and everything, if applicable.

Is this how you play? (Yes, you!)

(I'm taking a poll. The game we just released has helpful stuff in the status bar when the panes are hidden. If anyone actually plays on the mobile site without requesting the desktop site, I'll be altering the game somehow so no one will be left out.)

Well, here's how I got the current room's name to display during play when playing on a mobile device (without accessing it in the little tabMenu thingy):

JS.eval ("addText(\"<br/>webCheck initialized<br/>\");var bool = false; if(webPlayer) {bool = true;ASLEvent('setOnline', bool);if(document.getElementById('tabButton').clientWidth>0){addText(\"<br/>Screen width: \"+window.innerWidth);$('#placesObjectsLabel').insertBefore('#txtCommand').css({'display': 'block', 'background': 'black', 'color': 'white', 'padding': '4px'});}}   else { bool = false; ASLEvent('setOnline', bool);  }addText(\"<br/><br/>webCheck complete<br/><br/>\");")

Check it out on a mobile browser:

I went to a bit of trouble to get my game playable on a phone, but it wasn't worth it. Playability is poor, at least with a complex game with lots of text, and frankly I wouldn't recommend it. Though I believe a redone interface is in the works so things might change.

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