How do I add status attributes for the 'rank' of a player.

I have been messing around with different status attributes, and I am struggling with adding a 'ranking' feature to the player.

The player is a sailor and can become a quartermaster, a first mate, or a captain. Every time I try to add an attribute that will appear in the status bar ingame.

How do I make it so that different actions will reward the player by increasing their rank?

Thanks for your time.

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as for the status attributes, you can take a look here (a step by step guide, creating your own test game, on using Status Attributes):

the main thing is the use of the '!' within its Value (so it'll be displaying the current value, even as it gets changed), for example:

<object name="player">

  <attr name="ranking_as_a_string" type="string">unknown</attr>

  <attr name="ranking_as_an_integer" type="int">0</attr>

  <attr name="statusattributes" type="stringdictionary">

      <value>Ranking: !</value>

      <value>Ranking: !</value>



// -------------------------------------

// output/result/displayment (of its initial values, they'll be displayed/outputted as correctly updated, when they get changed):

status pane (right side):

Ranking: unknown
Ranking: 0

// ------------------------

// sailor, quartermaster, a first mate, or a captain

// -----------------------------

player.ranking_as_a_string = "sailor"
player.ranking_as_an_integer = 1

status pane (right side):

Ranking: sailor
Ranking: 1

// -----------------------

player.ranking_as_a_string = "quartermaster"
player.ranking_as_an_integer = 2

status pane (right side):

Ranking: quartermaster
Ranking: 2

// -------------------------

player.ranking_as_a_string = "firstmate"
player.ranking_as_an_integer = 3

status pane (right side):

Ranking: firstmate
Ranking: 3

// -----------------------

player.ranking_as_a_string = "captain"
player.ranking_as_an_integer = 4

status pane (right side):

Ranking: captain
Ranking: 4

as for this:

"How do I make it so that different actions will reward the player by increasing their rank? (The Radient Phoenix)"

there's many design methods... I'll let others help on this stuff (as I'm too lazy right now, lol, sorry)

Thank you hegemonkhan! This was really helpful, and I think I now know how to also increase the rank from actions.

I greatly appreciate it. This has been very helpful.
Thanks again for your time!

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