Checkmark "I've been here"

Hey everyone :)
I'm new at this fórum and my english is far from perfect but i'll try to explain my question. (Wish me luck)
I'm making a kind of "open world gamebook" using Quest engine. "My open world" is divided in quadrants (there are 20 of them), so basically you can go to each one of them everytime you want using a printed map. I'm doing this usin pages-links and coneccting them individualy. It's also got missions so from time to time you'll have to go to some specific quadrant and do your work (fight a battle, defeat a badguy,etc.) All the surrounding quadrants will be conected to this one. This is the problem. The FIRST time you enter the quadrant this message will pop up (Example)

In front of you there is a dangerous dragon ¿What do you do?

Imagine that you do a few things an win. So now I don't want this situation to repeat if you enter again in this quadrant (page) because the fight already happened. Instead of this it will be cool if this message pops out

your feel the smell of an old battle

So it will be cool if it was some kind of checkmark or else that tells the computer if the player has o hasn't completed the mission and, as the result of that, could show one page or the other. I don't know if my explication was correct but i hope you guys got my question. ¿how could i do it?

Thanks to everyone :) (and sorry for my bad english)

PD: i'm using the gamebook mode, not the text adventure one.

For just simple text descriptions...
The room description has a {once:.....} command.
Another idea...
Have a dragon object in the room...
if dragon=here, then fight it...
if dragon<> here, then no fight...
Otherwise, just add an attribute to the player for rooms that you visit...

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