Screen reader Accessibility or modifications to the text to speech part of Quest

Hi does anyone know if there’s going to be any new updates to quest at some point and if there is if there’s plans to make quest accessible with screen readers or more accessible with screen readers I understand that there is a text to speech part inquest that will read out the game commands after you type in your command but the problem I’m having is every time you visit a room it’ll read out a room description and there’s no Way to stop it from reading the description when you do not want it to
So for example if I visit a room that I’ve already visited I would like it to not read the entire description to me I would rather it just tell me that I’m in that room and then I could just hit the L if I want it to read me the entire room description and then once I enter a new room it can give me that description because it’s a new room so I don’t know it’s in that room yet unless it gives me the description
One option I can think of is when the text to speech is reading out a description to make it to where you can just hit the control key to stop the speech if you don’t want to hear anything more that’s how the normal behavior is with regular screen readers like Jaws and NVDA when you don’t wanna hear anymore of the speech you can stop it with the control key so it would be really cool if this could be implemented with the text to speech engine within quest
I hope that my feedback is considered in this could be made a reality very soon thank you for any help anyone can give me an advance

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