Has anyone played Magium. It is a good example of a game where the player doesn't type, after a page of text, the game gives you two to three options to click on. I am trying to emulate that and am unsure how to. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you aware of turnscripts and timers?

You could print a message, and then set off a timer!

msg ("Hey.")
EnableTimer (Timer 1)


It sounds like you want to create a gamebook.

You can use Quest. Just make sure you select 'Gamebook' rather than 'Text adventure' when creating a new game. (It's in the same screen in which you enter your game's title.)

You could also use Squiffy, but Squiffy requires a little Javascript knowledge and you have to write code to create a game. Quest has a GUI interface (so you can just click stuff; no coding required unless you want to make stuff complex).

Gamebooks don't have timers?

Yes! They don't have timers! Use a text adventure!

(Then again, I'm not sure what you want...)


I don't think the OP mentioned timers. Just a game that displays links instead of a command prompt.

Oops, sorry! I thought he said "if" the player didn't type something, so ink would appear! My mistake!


You're cool, jm. (I read it that way first, myself.)

Thank you all

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