Released game is stuck on Loading...

Today, i have released my gamebook. The problem is, that when I try to play it, there is just a white site showing Loading... .
Can somebody help me how I can fix this?
Before I have released it, I have had it "published" as Only people I give the link to and there it worked fine.
Because this is a project I had to do for my studies, I would be very grateful, if I can get some help on how to be able to running my game.
Thank you!
Here is the link to my game, if it would help:

The server appears to be down. We're getting only error 500.

If you look at the last few threads in both the Quest forum and the site forum, you'll see that this is affecting every Quest game on the site. I assume that the part of the Quest engine on the server needs to be restarted by the site administrator, but not sure who that is at the moment.

Fingers crossed they'll get it fixed soon.

The server is now fixed.

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