Colors Available? [Solved]


I was just curious if there was a list somewhere for colors that are confirmed to work for text in Quest. I like to give characters talking different colors. However, so far the ones in bold don't see be working...

{color:#fuchsia:Girl} pinkish f493fe
{color:#aqua:Boy} light blue 75d6fa
{color:#red:Callie} - red fe0000
{color:#gold:Rowen} - dark yellow d4e100
{color:#lightcoral:Nieva} - dark pink 86007D
{color:#lightseagreen:Freya} - blue/green
{color:#mediumturquoise:Jensen} - slate blue
{color:#mediumpurple:Pascal} - royal purple 460098
{color:#lightgreen:Hannah} light green
{color:#green:Rold} darker green 039923
{color:#olivedrab:Alaraune} f4cb42
{color:#mediumturquoise:Slime/Goo} 1194ff
{color:#sandybrown:Wolf-Taur} C96209
{color:#:Gu'ra'ta} 78fc94

Thank you in advance!


Since Quest games run in a web browser, I would imagine any (named) color supported by the latter should work. A comprehensive list is available on Wikipedia.

I checked through those colours in bold and they work fine for me.
As far as I'm aware, all colours available should work. The problem is, that there is such a subtle difference in tone not to notice.
eg: {colour:grey:grey} {colour:slategrey:slategrey}

There is a list here. The X11 colours should all be fine.

I've been using this site:

Thank you! I'll give them both a shot!


Yeah for some reason only number colors are working for my game. All the others with names show up as grey. But the numbered ones are starting to throw errors.


Headless Horsemen {color:#7ed179:Test Color}
Pumpkin King {color:#fc9138:Test Color}
Hag Face {color:#fe0000:Test Color}
Wretched Soul {color:#729bfb:Test Color}
Burning Man {color:#c68d8d:Test Color}
Skinwalker {color:#da70d6:Test Color}
Glob {color:#vividblue:Test Color}
Wolf Sire {color:#strongorange:Test Color}
Alaraune {color:#brightcyan:Test Color}
Female Orc {color:#lightgreen:Test Color}
Pale Abomination {color:#3ab35f:Test Color}

Callie {color:#fe0000:Test Color}
Rowen {color:#fe0000:Test Color}
Nieva {color:#lightseagreen:Test Color}
Freya {color:#86007D:Test Color}
Jensen {color:#mediumturquoise:Test Color}
Pascal {color:#blueviolet:Test Color}

Hannah {color:#LightGreen:Test Color}
Rold {color:#Green:Test Color}

^ numbers work.....named colors aren't. :/

Any solution I can possibly try?

In that list you seem to have a # in front of several of the colour names.
The hash is intended as an indicator that the remainder of the word should be parsed as a numeric RGB value rather than a name.

Oh, so all I have to do is remove the hashtags?


Wow that worked. I feel....reeeeeeally dumb. Thanks, Mr.Angel :D Hope you've been well!


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