"Adult" games; how adult

Not sure which forum this question should go in; maybe general, or site questions.

Anyway, two days ago Nostalgia Beets sent me a link to a flash game I remember from quite a few years ago on Newgrounds. I think I played it when it was new-ish, and when I was younger and more innocent. But my first thought was that the gameplay could be easily encapsulated by commands like "Take (object)", "Cut (object)", "Use (X) on (Y)", and similar. And I started wondering if it would be fun (and a little silly) to remake that game as a text adventure.

My current project has ended up with so much complex code that getting my brain back in the right namespace takes a while, and I can't do much unless I have time to fit in a whole hour. So it might be worth starting work on something simpler like this. But as I'm working on the web version, I should check what's allowed here. There's an "adult" category on this site, but how explicit is it allowed to get?

(The flash game is titled "Orgasm Girl"; though apparently there's an "Orgasm Girl 2" out there now. I'm thinking if it turns out to be fun enough to play in text, I could build a story-mode around it, like a succubus having to meet certain goals in order to transform humans into more of your kind)

this has come up before, and at least with Alex and the old-co team, anything* was okay (*legal content only of course: no illegal content of course), so long as you make it's specific content clear for people, as well as using the 'adult' as its category. But, with the new team and especially the new owner of the servers (and their country and its laws), the policy might be different now. But, regardless of legality of content, the new team can decide whatever they want, remove whatever game they want, ban whoever they want, as they may not want to even risk any legal issues and/or bad PR/reputation, even if the content is legal.

Also, your game should have a legal fraud/perjury check (notice that you must be 18 to play the game, and if you do, you're legally claiming you're 18, under penalties of perjury/fraud .... yada yada yada) on it too, before letting people play the game, to protect yourself from any possible attempted legal action (criminal/prisonment or tort/suit/money) against you.

Anyways, again, since we got a new team now, you need to ask/find-out from them, what their policy is on the adult subject.

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