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I am using that framed picture resource in Quest, however it leaves very little space down for the player read the text without having to scroll it up again in order of reading. So, i thought reducing the image itself would give more room for the text.

On my first attempt, i resized the image itself. What happened then was that Quest stretched the image in order to fit on the window. Is there a way to tell Quest that the framed picture should be of a certain size?

Please, delete this topic. I found a solution by changing the image editor.

Ah, this is something that I came across the other day. I too was playing around with an image but any edits I did to the image had no effect at all. Which makes me think there’s a cache that Quest looks to (which I don’t know how to clear).
Did you rename the image? If not, try that; it worked for me.

But it’s useful for others who may come across the same issue?

This comes in handy.

 msg ("<img src='" + GetFileURL("gravestone.png") + "' style='float:left;width:100px;' />")

Pixie did a whole thread on it.

Do you mean an image output by your function, or the panel image for a room?

In the case of the panel image, it will be stretched to the width of the window; so you can make more space for text by making the images wider than they are high.

Alternatively, you could adjust the display size of the panel by doing something like:

JS.eval("$('div#gamePanel').css({maxWidth: '40%'});")

If you're outputting images with the picture() command, then Pixie's thread (linked by Silver) covers most of the options.

Always Pixie bringing us a wonderful solution!

Good job I didn’t delete the topic! :-p

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