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Hi all, I stumble this website while looking for a platform to do storytelling kind of game. I have a few questions about this website, I apologize if the question might sound dumb.

  1. Can I program in C++ or should I use HTML?
  2. What is Gamebook?
  3. I notice we can play music/audio but can we also change the background colour/image and edit text style?
  4. Do you guys recommend using web ver or window version?

  1. Not sure which one you should use as I’m not a programmer really but, as I understand it, Quest is kind of an amalgamation of different code lingo so everything kind of works. I’m sure someone will correct me on that if it’s wrong.

  2. Gamebook is basically a choose your own adventure version you may remember as a kind growing up. Read a section, if you want to do this - turn to page 47, or if you want to do this instead - turn to page 118. Gamebook is less flexible, easier to use, but is largely limited in options. Text adventures are like your classic computer games - n, s, e, w, eat apple, pull lever type commands. TAs give the illusion that the world is open to explore however the user wishes and they can do whatever they want. However, they are tougher to create, but are literally limitless to what you can do.

  3. Yes, you can add music and change the visual appearance of any aspect of Quest games that you create. Depending on what you want to do, it can be pretty simple or complex.

  4. 100% use the downloadable desktop version. If you can avoid the online/web version, do it. Web version is limited and has quite a few bugs.

Re: your first question, check the Create->Upload game tab. In addition to Quest and Squiffy games (which are native to this site), you can upload one of two things:

  1. Games made with Inform or Dialog (that would be all the Z-Machine and Glulx options).
  2. Any HTML5 game, like those output by Twine or Texture, or for that matter handcrafted.

If you can compile C++ to HTML5 via Emscripten, then yes, I suppose that's also an option. But for interactive fiction you really should pick another option. Why do you ask, got an old game or engine to convert?

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