Compiling my gamebook to universal windows platform (uwp)

Hi all,
Could someone give me pointer how to compile my finished gamebook to uwp platforms so it can run in my Lumia phone with Windows 10 Mobile OS?

The easiest way to make your game available to play from any browser is uploading the game to this very site.

If you don't like that idea, you can try to use my modified version of QuestJS to compile your game to a website.

(I say "TRY", because it is an incomplete, abandoned project, and it doesn't work more than half of the time.)

From there, you might know how to turn a website into a Windows app. (If not, I'm afraid I can't help with that part. I have not yet learned about such things.)

QuestJS direct download (No installation required)

QuestJS Issues

To use it:

1. Publish your game in Quest.

2. Create a new folder to which QuestJS will save your output files

3. Run QuestCompiler.exe from the QuestJS file you downloaded and unzipped.

4. Load the game you just made in the first field. (You can use File Explorer to browser to it.)

4. Load the path to the new folder you created for the output in the second field

5. Since this is a gamebook, check the "Gamebook" checkbox.

At this point, it should look pretty much like this (with your paths and file names):

6. Click "Compile" and CROSS YOUR FINGERS.

If it works, you'll have a website.

Your game should automatically open in your browser at this point.


In the folder you selected in the output field, you should find files just like these:

Hello, thanks for the reply.
Yeah I know I can just simply submit my game online, but my purpose is to make my game as offline application in windows 10 mobile device .
Well I guess I will try the QuestJS to see if it works.
Thanks again for the reply, how nice of you to give me such detailed instruction and pictures.

It's no problem. I'm happy to help (or to at least attempt it).

Please, let me know how my modified version of QuestJS works out for you.

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