Strange errors with ClockLib?

So currently I've been using ClockLib in one of my projects, however there seems to be an issue, one that doesn't actually stop the game or even the time feature from working, but is rather annoying.

Simply put, every turn where time progresses by 1, it gives this error
Error running script: Error compiling expression 'game.pov.turncount + 1': ArithmeticElement: Operation 'Add' is not defined for types 'Object' and 'Int32'
The time still progresses, it just gives an error message, and my limited coding knowledge I haven't been able figure out what the actual issue here is, let alone how to go about fixing it. Could anybody help me with this?

The error is saying that game.pov.turncount is not a number.

You probably just need to give the player object an attribute named "turncount" that starts as zero.

Oh, yeah you see this is why I probably should have started with something that wasn't including like, five additional libraries, thanks! Now if only I'd gotten some kind of help when I'd asked my first question.

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