Upload 2 Game Books

Is it possible to upload two game books?
When I upload the second one, it deletes the one already uploaded.


Are you using the 'Upload Game' button on the 'Create' page?
I believe there is also an upload button on the page for your existing game, which is for uploading an updated version of the same game.

Do the games have the same ID? They shouldn't have, but it's possible if you started with one game and then made two different versions. If so, you'll need to give one of them a new ID.

I can't think of anything else that could cause this.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes I am loading a new game on the 'Create' page.

However, to create the new game I made a copy of the previous one. I have to create a version of the same game in another language so I need to replay the structure.

Could they then have the same ID? Where can I change it?


The game's ID is stored in the gameid attribute of the game itself. This is used by the website to determine if a game is a copy of one that's already been uploaded.

I'm not sure how the desktop editor deals with the ID. It's possible that if you remove the ID then a new one will be generated when you open the game in the editor. So you could try removing the gameid attribute, and opening the editor again to see if it gives you a new one.

If not, you could create a new game and copy its ID into one of your existing ones; or you could go to the IFID generator, which is designed for a different game engine but uses the same kind of ID.

If the editor won't let you change the ID (I know the online editor won't; don't know about the desktop one) you can open your .aslx file in a text editor (notepad, elvis, or whatever you use) and search for gameid. You should find a line that looks something like:


You could try removing this line, and then load the game in the editor and see if it generates a new ID. Or you could just change the ID to a new one.
(the ID I just pasted is a new one that hasn't been used, so feel free to use that if it's easier)

Then you should be able to republish your game, and Quest will know it's a new one.

(It's entirely possible that the desktop editor has an option somewhere to generate a new ID; but I assume that if it was easy to find you would have find it. I don't have a Windows computer, so can't look myself)

Thanks a lot. By changing the ID I was able to upload it correctly!

I'm not sure how the desktop editor deals with the ID

There is a button on the game tab where you can create a new id

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