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I live in Denmark, and I would like to write adventures in Danish.
However it does not really work out-of-the-box (5.7.2)

So, I found this thread
Which does not really get to the end of it.

But I managed to fix it.
At least as the directions and the compass goes.

I have a corrected Dansk.aslx file and a game, which tests all combinations.

However, I can't figure out how to upload it this post :-)
So a little help please :-)

Apart from that, I stumbled over a language discrepancy.
I managed to change the Dansk.aslx file so that I can stand in a room and type "se nord" meaning look north.
However the response is "du ser nord" which is wrong.
It should be "du ser mod nord"
I can't figure out how to correct this :-(


However the response is "du ser på nord" which is wrong.

As far as I can tell, that's coming from this line in the template:
<dynamictemplate name="YouLooking">"Du ser på " + text +"."</dynamictemplate>

Can you get it to work by changing that line?


That works fine.


How can I contribute the corrected Dansk.aslx file?

I made a number of corrections to the Dansk.aslx file.

-Translations of directions (north, east and so on)
-Fixed handling of the "In" direction. It was missing in some but not all places

  • Fixed the YouLooking template.

I would like to have this version of the file make it into the next version of Quest.
How do I contribute it?


I sent you a PM

Just noticed it :-)


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