JavaScript Image

I can add this

JS.introScreen (GetFileURL("0040.gif"))

to my start script to call a a JavaScript function and it works fine.

However I want the image to be stored online and called from there.

Is that a doable thang?

I don't know...

Try this:


Dang It! I had tried that...I always forget the quotes.


"Why do we fall?"
- from The Ballerina Begins

"Taylor Swift"
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Love that video!

The earlier script is from The Karukian Cave. It has a decent intro.

If anyone looks at it, please let me know, when the intro completes and the player is moved to the start room Cave, why the object links don't work. The direction links work and then the object links will work. I know you might need to see the script.

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The first man replies, "I don't know, but his face rings a bell..."

It may be a copy and paste issue of script a certain person has not knowledge of and keeps changing it until it works the way he wants it to...

This is the JavaScript I've added to the game. Am I creating something or removing something that is not geting replaced or removed?

function introScreen(url) {
     $("<div/>", {
         id: "introScreen"
         position: "fixed",
         top: 290,
         left: 220,
         width: "100%",
         height: "100%",
         overflow: "hidden",
         "text-align": "center",
         display: "block",
     .html("<img id=\"introScreenImg\" style=\"max-width:100%;max-height:100%;\" src=\"" + url + "\"/>");
     $("#introScreenImg").load(function() {
         setTimeout(function() {
         }, 7500);

function finishIntroScreen() {
     $("#introScreen").fadeOut(10000, function() {

Then calling introScreen function in start script.


I decided to set the "you can see" objects to 0 so it won't show. The player gets enough info from the "in room description" and they can select object to get options in the places and objects pane. Weird the object link verbs work in places and object pane but not on the game pane. Tell me I can't do something beaches.

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