throw object at object?

Hi. I was wondering, how do you do a command where you throw an object at another object? Is it something like...
throw indirect object at direct object

You'd make the pattern something like throw #object1# at #object2#. And the scope would probably be object1=inventory|object2=room.

Then you have 2 variables in the command script, object1 and object2, that you can examine to make sure they're suitable.

Something like that.
The command pattern would be;
throw #object1# at #object2#
or if you know the object that has to be thrown;
throw spear at #object#
then, forgive the pseudo code here, you'd want to check for objects, so in the first case:

if object1 = spear and object2 = bear

You might even want to put in a command throw #object#, and for a message to print saying something like
You need to specify an object to throw at..., or similar.

Thank you!

Edit: Okay, now I have a pattern of throw #object1# at #object2#. The command is named throw 2.

This is the code.

msg ("You threw the blank at the blank!")
MoveObject (object1, object2)

Edit 2: Nevermind, I got it!

Your command probably needs to check that the objects are available. With the script you posted, you could use it to pick up immovable objects ("throw door at me"), or to put objects in something that isn't a container ("throw dave at computer").

Always remember to check the validity of objects when creating commands :)

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