conversation lib reactions firing scripts [SOLVED]

Hi everyone,

is it possible to use a reaction (from pixies converation lib) to...

...add topics

...initiate conversation?
Converse (player, "Talk to")

unfortunaletly this doesnt work. at least not like this.

Here is an article on the topic: (important info at end in "reactions" section)

I had the idea to change a varible of the npc and run a changescript that way the reaction does:

** + Mary happiness 5**

and the changescript of marry happiness:
Converse (player, "Talk to")

But its a very inconvenient way. does a changescript add a "on round-check"? Im a bit worried about performance... Can someone figure out, how to run a command like Converse (this, "Talk to") from a reaction?


I would suggest adding a script to Mary, say called "converse", and in that put:

Converse (Mary, "Talk to")

Then in the reaction,

& Mary converse

works wonderfully. thanks!

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