Prevent Turn Scripts from firing when the player Looks at something?

When there are turn scripts causing things to happen each turn, I want to give the player as much time as they need to assess the situation by Looking at whatever they would like before they decide on what course of action to take.

Is there a way to do this? Do I need to somehow modify the game's definition of the Look verb? Or can I add something to the turn scripts themselves to tell them to stall when someone is Looking?

I appreciate any help you all can give. =)

If you’re on desktop and running 5.8 I believe there’s a function called “SupressTurnscript” or something similar (you might want to do a search for it) that should do exactly what you’re asking for.

To add to CheeseMyBaby's reply, you need to override the look command (which you can do on the web version, though the process is a little different), and have it call SuppressTurnscripts by just adding that in a new line at the end of the code.

Now that we're talking about it. Is there an equivalent of SupressTurnscriptsin 5.7?

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