Having problems running quest client

OK so my problem is this:

When I start up Quest on my window's 10 computer now I can not see a window popping up or do anything with it. I have an icon tray telling me the program is running at the same time though. I have tried reinstalling the program multiple times. I have had this problem for a while and have been looking for an answer using google to see if anyone else has this problem yet I turn up very little. If someone could help provide a fix that would be great. Also if I click on the tray to go to the window it does that somehow even though there is no window on screen and when I click it again it shows a box coming in from off-screen to the left like the program is over there. Yet windows doesn't allow for anything to go that far over.

Could it be the window is there but off the edge of the screen? I know that in windows 95 and XP is was possible for an application to get stuck like that. (It seems unlikely that a bug could stick around so long; but it always used to be solvable by pressing [Alt]+[space], then [M], then you could use the arrow keys to move the offending window to somewhere you can see. Might still be worth trying just in case)

Thank you. That's all it was. I'm surprised about how that actually happened. Thank you.

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