Doors are a funny object

OK, I SHOULD NOT be stuck, but I am.
objective: stuck door opened with a crowbar

I tried it with using exit(and script) there is not a good way to do that
I did it with adding door as an object. but then there is no open or close. I am sure I can add those verbs, but I feel like I am reinventing the wheel (still learning this new 5.8)

What am I missing... or can I not see the forest for the trees LOL

Maybe something along these lines? You have your locked exit. Then maybe a container object called door, which is closed and locked, and requires the crowbar to open. After open script for the door object would set the exit.locked = false ?

well the lock is broke, so maybe i'll revisit the Lock/unlock idea, just change the wording to open/close

I got something to work:
Make a new command.
Name: open2
Command pattern: open #object1# with #object2#
scope: NameOfYourRoom
if (object2.parent = player and object2 = crowbar and object1 = door) {
MainDoor.locked = false
msg ("the door opens")

MainDoor is the name of the exit, which is locked

now add a new object to your room.
Name: door, visible yes, scenery yes

Works perfectly for me, let me know if you need any help with it

My 2 cents:
Create an invisible exit.
Have object door in room with appropriate verbs.
Once crowbar is used on door make the exit visible.
Put an If script on the door to change its description once it’s been “opened”.

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