QuestJS - sort of an update

UPDATE: QuestJS no longer compiles playable games, as of Quest 5.7.2.

Hi all!

There were two of us trying to use Quest JS to convert our .quest files to HTML, CSS, and JS (ready to be zipped and published), and we were having problem. So a sort of patch has emerged.

If you have the latest (last) release of Quest JS, just replace the game.js file in the Release directory with this one.

I've got 5 games converted which all run flawlessly, and 2 (one with a map displayed, the other with all sorts of crazy scripting going on) which don't work at all.

I will add the functions which are needed for the map in a day or so, and I'll share more about the other error if I can't fix it.

I would like to use Quest JS (to avoid expired session). So I went to

but i can’t find an executable, a setup, something to install and run. How should I start to use it?

Btw: someone knows if Quest 6 is still in development?

Thank you



You have to build it with Visual Studio. You would open the file QuestJS.sln.

...or you can get this last release by Alex:

You can run questQuestCompiler.exe after unzipping that file.

If you want the game.js file with the revisions we've add so far, you can get it here:

NOTE: Some games will not compile, and some things may not work (or not work correctly) when a game does compile.

Quest 6

I don't think Quest 6 is currently being worked on by anyone, but I may be mistaken.

You can build its editor with Visual Studio, just like Quest's current version and Quest JS, but it still only seems to run in Windows.

You use npm and gulp to run the player, though. I have gotten this to work in Linux (without compiling the Quest 6 editor at all), but it only runs blank Quest 6 games for some reason. (Meaning you can only load and play a game as it is once you've created it. If you add anything, the game will not play. It will load, but you can't enter any commands.)

You can see the known issues concerning Quest JS here:

Feel free to post any fixes you may know of!

Thank you K.V.

I tried: choosed profile "web" and then any combination of checked option: debug mode, minify, gamebook or nothing.
Finally I press the "compile" button and it does something:

Loaded successfully
Copying dependencies
Copying resources

Then it populates the destination folder and open a tab in browser with a command bar: "tap link or type here". But there's no game. I used both game.js files.

It' my game non translatable, or I do something wrong?

It sounds like your game has something in it that is throwing the compiler off. That's what happens to me sometimes.

Is there a map?

If so, turn it off and try again. (That helps sometimes.)

Quest JS is honestly beyond my comprehension for the most part.

If you read through the issues I posted the link to, there's someone more knowledgeable than I posting his fixes.

If I run a game with no map and no fancy functions or commands added, it works.

The panes don't really work, but one of the issues on my fork on GitHub includes a fix for that.

ALSO: any timed output get skipped over, with no errors thrown or anything.

I turned off the map, but it doesn' work. So I created a new game, and I only added a brief description in the room in it. Then I published via tool menu and so I was sure that such a simple game couldn't fail. Instead, result is ever the same: it compiles everything, but the output file is that command bar "tap link or type here" and nothing else

I'm going to make some other attempts.

Thank you for support.

If you'd like to paste the game's code here, I can run it through my compiler and see what happens.

Just an example to show my copy of game.js makes QuestJS work a little bit.

  1. I downloaded this:

  2. I unzipped it.

  3. I replaced the file named game.js in that folder with this copy of game.js:

  4. I ran the compiler

  5. I zipped the folder containing the newly created files

  6. I published it here:

I found the problem: it doesn't work with library "Italiano.aslx"
(btw, I made it from the english one in 2012, with the help of Pertex and Alex Warren: look at this thread)

<asl version="550">
  <include ref="Italiano.aslx" />
  <include ref="Core.aslx" />

But I need to use this library, because my games are written in italian...

Here's the code of italiano.aslx


 Version 1.0 by Luca Salvicchi with some tips by Francesco Cordella

Feel free to let comments and tips on

	Cordella: ho messo ovunque + object.article + " " + object.alias + invece di lasciare cose tipo: 
	"non puoi prender" + object.article che possono creare casini con i pronomi, tanto vale fare dire a Quest
	la frase intera "Non puoi prendere la mela"

	Cordella: Per gli stessi motivi di cui sopra, ho eliminato qualche CapFirst, togliendo il successivo pronome/article


  <include ref="English.aslx"/>
  <template name="LanguageId">it</template>
  <!-- questa riga sopra, suggerita da Pertex, serve a includere anche il template inglese -->

  <template name="UnresolvedObject">Non vedo nulla con questo nome.</template>
  <template name="UnresolvedLocation">Non puoi andare la'.</template>
  <template name="DefaultObjectDescription">Non si tratta di niente di straordinario.</template>
  <template name="DefaultSelfDescription">Sembri a posto.</template>
  <!-- riga modificata da Cordella--> <dynamictemplate name="TakeSuccessful">"Fatto. Ora hai con te " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="TakeUnsuccessful">"Non puoi prendere " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <template name="SeeListHeader">Vedi</template>
  <template name="GoListHeader">Puoi andare</template>
  <template name="And">e</template>
  <template name="Or">o</template>
  <template name="NothingToUndo">Non c'e' niente per cui fare UNDO!</template>
  <template name="NotCarryingAnything">Non stai portando niente.</template>
  <template name="CarryingListHeader">Stai portando</template>
  <dynamictemplate name="DropSuccessful">"Lasci qui "+ object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DropUnsuccessful">"Non puoi lasciare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
   <!-- riga originale 
   <dynamictemplate name="AlreadyTaken">"Stai gia' portando " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
   <!-- riga modificata da Cordella --> <dynamictemplate name="AlreadyTaken">"Ma hai gia' con te " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <!-- riga aggiunta da Cordella -->  <dynamictemplate name="NotCarrying">"Ma non hai con te " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="CantUse">"Non puoi usare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <!-- riga originale 
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultSpeakTo">WriteVerb(object, "dice") + " niente."</dynamictemplate> 
   <!-- riga modificata -->   <dynamictemplate name="DefaultSpeakTo">"Non sembra che abbia voglia di parlare."</dynamictemplate> 

	<!-- Cordella: nelle righe sopra ho messo ovunque + object.article + " " + object.alias + -->

  <template name="UnrecognisedCommand">Non capisco il tuo comando.</template>
  <template name="YouAreIn">Sei in</template>
  <template name="LookAt">Guarda</template>
  <template name="Take">Prendi</template>
  <template name="SpeakTo">Parla a</template>
    <template name="SpeakTo">Parla al</template>
  <template name="Use">Usa</template>
  <template name="Drop">Lascia</template>
  <template name="GoTo">Vai a</template>
  <template name="Go">Vai</template>
  <template name="SwitchOn">Accendi</template>
  <template name="SwitchOff">Spegni</template>
  <template name="Open">Apri</template>
  <template name="Close">Chiudi</template>
    <!-- riga sotto, da vedere -->
  <dynamictemplate name="ObjectNotOpen">"Non " + Conjugate(object, "essere") + " apert"
 GetSuffix (object) + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <template name="NeutralGender">Esso</template>
  <template name="MaleGender">lui</template>
  <template name="FemaleGender">lei</template>
  <template name="SelfGender">tu</template>
  <template name="NeutralPluralGender">Essi</template>
  <template name="MalePluralGender">Loro</template>
  <template name="FemalePluralGender">Loro</template>
  <template name="NeutralArticle">Un</template>
  <template name="MaleArticle">lo</template>
  <template name="FemaleArticle">la</template>
  <template name="SelfArticle">te stesso</template>
  <template name="NeutralPluralArticle">li</template>
  <template name="MalePluralArticle">li</template>
  <template name="FemalePluralArticle">le</template>
  <template name="SelfAlias">io</template>
  <template name="SelfAlt">me stesso; io stesso</template>
  <template name="AllObjects">tutto; ogni cosa</template>
    <template name="ParserIgnorePrefixes">il; un; un'; ad; alle; ai; agli; all'; il; la; lo; gli; le; al; i</template>
     <!-- 2 righe sotto, da vedere -->
  	<!-- Modificate da Cordella --> <dynamictemplate name="AlreadyOpen">"Ma " + WriteVerb(object, "essere") + " gia' apert" + GetSuffix (object) + "."</dynamictemplate>
	<!-- Modificate da Cordella --> <dynamictemplate name="AlreadyClosed">"Ma " + WriteVerb(object, "essere") + " gia' chius" + GetSuffix (object) + "."</dynamictemplate>
	<dynamictemplate name="CantOpen">"Non puoi aprire " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="CantClose">"Non puoi chiudere" + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="OpenSuccessful">"Apri " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="CloseSuccessful">"Chiudi " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <template name="CannotDoThat">Non puoi farlo.</template>
      <!-- riga sotto, da vedere -->
  <dynamictemplate name="AlreadyThere">WriteVerb(object, "essere") + " gia' li'."</dynamictemplate>
  <template name="Done">fatto.</template>
  <template name="ContainerContentsPrefix">che contiene</template>
  <template name="SurfaceContentsPrefix">su cui c'e'</template>
  <dynamictemplate name="ObjectContains">WriteVerb(object, "contiene")</dynamictemplate>
    <!-- riga sotto, da vedere -->
  <dynamictemplate name="ContainerFull">WriteVerb(object, "essere") + " pien" + GetSuffix (object) + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DisambiguateMenu">"Per favore scegli quale '" + text + "' intendi:"</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="UndoTurn">"torna indietro - undo -: " + text</dynamictemplate>
  <template name="LockedExit">Quella via e' bloccata.</template>
        <!-- 2 righe sotto, da vedere -->
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultAsk">WriteVerb(object, "do") + " non risponde."</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultTell">"Non replica nulla."</dynamictemplate>
  <template name="NoKey">Non hai la chiave.</template>
  <template name="UnlockMessage">Ok, ci riesci.</template>
  <dynamictemplate name="LockMessage">WriteVerb(object, "essere") + " bloccat" + GetSuffix (object) + " (chius" + GetSuffix (object) + " a chiave )"</dynamictemplate>
    <!-- questa riga sotto è l'originale, mentre quella sopra l'ho modificata 
	<template name="LockMessage">Bloccato - chiuso a chiave -.</template>
   <!-- righe sotto sui verbi, da vedere -->
  <dynamictemplate name="LockedObject">WriteVerb(object, "essere") + " chius" + GetSuffix (object) + " a chiave."</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="AlreadyLocked">WriteVerb(object, "essere") + " gia' bloccat" + GetSuffix (object) + " - chiuso a chiave -."</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="AlreadyUnlocked">WriteVerb(object, "essere") + " gia' sbloccat" + GetSuffix (object) + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="CannotLockOpen">"Non puoi bloccar" + object.article + " quando " + Conjugate(object, "essere") + " apert" + GetSuffix (object) + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="AlreadySwitchedOn">WriteVerb(object, "essere") + " gia' acces" + GetSuffix (object) + "."</dynamictemplate>"
  <dynamictemplate name="AlreadySwitchedOff">WriteVerb(object, "essere") + " gia' spent"  + GetSuffix (object) + "."</dynamictemplate>"
<dynamictemplate name="SwitchedOn">CapFirst(object.article) + " hai acces" + GetSuffix (object) + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="SwitchedOff">CapFirst(object.article) + " hai spent" + GetSuffix (object) + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <template name="DefaultOops">Non c'e' nulla da correggere.</template>
  <dynamictemplate name="ObjectDoesNotContain">CapFirst(GetDisplayAlias(object1)) + " " + Conjugate(object1, "do") + " non contiene " + GetDisplayAlias(object2) + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="YouLooking">"Stai guardando " + text +"."</dynamictemplate>

<!-- righe sotto aggiunte da Cordella -->

  <template name="VerbObjectSeparator">con; usando</template>
  <template name="DefaultMultiObjectVerb">Non funziona.</template>
  <template name="MultiObjectVerbMenu">Con che cosa?</template>
  <template name="UseOnMenu">Con che cosa?</template>
  <template name="GiveToMenu">"Devi specificare a chi vuoi dare" + object.article + object.alias + "."</template>
  <template name="NoObjectsAvailable">Non vedo come.</template>
 <!-- righe sopra aggiunte da Cordella --> 

 <template name="CompassNW">nordovest</template>
  <template name="CompassN">nord</template>
  <template name="CompassNE">nordest</template>
  <template name="CompassW">ovest</template>
  <template name="CompassE">est</template>
  <template name="CompassSW">sudovest</template>
  <template name="CompassS">sud</template>
  <template name="CompassSE">sudest</template>
  <template name="CompassUp">su</template>
  <template name="CompassDown">giu</template>
  <!-- ho cambiato tutti gli entra/esci con dentro/fuori per evitare conflitti con i verbi entra ed esci che noi italiani possiamo inserire (Cordella) --> 

  <template name="CompassIn">dentro</template>
  <template name="CompassOut">fuori</template>
  <template name="CompassDirectionPrefix">a</template>
  <template name="UpDownDirectionPrefix"></template>
  <template name="InOutDirectionPrefix"></template>
  <template name="CompassNWShort">no</template>
  <template name="CompassNShort">n</template>
  <template name="CompassNEShort">ne</template>
  <template name="CompassWShort">o</template>
  <template name="CompassEShort">e</template>
  <template name="CompassSWShort">so</template>
  <template name="CompassSShort">s</template>
  <template name="CompassSEShort">se</template>
  <template name="CompassUpShort">su</template>
  <template name="CompassDownShort">g</template>
  <template name="CompassInShort">d</template>
  <template name="CompassOutShort">f</template>

  <template name="InventoryLabel">Inventario</template>
  <template name="PlacesObjectsLabel">Luoghi e Oggetti</template>
  <template name="CompassLabel">Bussola</template>
  <template name="InButtonLabel">dentro</template>
  <template name="OutButtonLabel">fuori</template>
  <template name="EmptyListLabel">(vuoto)</template>
  <template name="NothingSelectedLabel">(non hai selezionato niente)</template>
 <!-- Nella riga sotto ho tolto gli "entra ed esci" che noi italiani possiamo inserire come verbi nel gioco (Cordella) --> 

<template templatetype="command" name="go"><![CDATA[^vai (?<exit>.*)$|^(?<exit>nord|est|sud|ovest|nordest|nordovest|sudest|sudovest|dentro|fuori|su|giu|n|e|s|w|ne|nw|se|sw|o|u|d)$]]></template>
  <template templatetype="command" name="lookdir"><![CDATA[^look (?<exit>nord|est|sud|ovest|nordest|nordovest|sudest|sudovest|dentro|fuori|su|giu|n|e|s|o|ne|no|se|so|o|u|d)$]]></template>

  <template templatetype="command" name="look">^guarda$|^l$</template>
  <verbtemplate name="lookat">guarda</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lookat">x</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lookat">esamina</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lookat">esam</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lookat">ex</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="take">prendi</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="take">get</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="take">raccogli</verbtemplate>
  <template templatetype="command" name="undo">^undo$</template>
  <template templatetype="command" name="inventory">^i$|^inv$|^inventario$</template>
  <template templatetype="command" name="quit">^quit$</template>
  <verbtemplate name="drop">lascia</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="use">usa</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="speakto">rivolgiti</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="speakto">rivolgiti</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="speakto">parla</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="speakto">parla</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="open">apri</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="close">chiudi</verbtemplate>
  <template templatetype="command" name="put"><![CDATA[^metti (?<object1>.*) (su|in|nel|nella|nello|nei|negli|nelle) (?<object2>.*)$]]></template>
  <template templatetype="command" name="removefrom"><![CDATA[^rimuovi (?<object1>.*) (da|dal|dalle|dai|dagli|dalle|dallo) (?<object2>.*)$|^togli (?<object1>.*) (da|dal|dalle|dai|dagli|dalle|dallo) (?<object2>.*)$]]></template>
  <template templatetype="command" name="ask"><![CDATA[^chiedi (?<object>.*) della (?<text>.*)$|^chiedi (?<object>.*) di (?<text>.*)$]]></template>
<!-- MODELLO DI ALEX per le scelte multiple sui verbi: <template templatetype="command" name="ask"><![CDATA[^chiedi (?<object>.*) di (?<text>.*)$|^chiedi (?<object>.*) (?<text>.*)$|........]]></template> -->
    <template templatetype="command" name="tell"><![CDATA[^parla a (?<object>.*) (di|del|delle|dei|degli|delle|dello) (?<text>.*)$|^parla con (?<object>.*) (di|del|delle|dei|degli|delle|dello) (?<text>.*)$]]></template>
  <template templatetype="command" name="oops"><![CDATA[^oops (?<text>.*)$]]></template>

  <verbtemplate name="buy">compra</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultBuy">"Non puoi comprare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="climb">arrampicati</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultClimb">"Non ti ci puoi arrampicare."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="drink">bevi</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultDrink">"Non puoi bere " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="eat">mangia</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultEat">"Non puoi mangiare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <template templatetype="command" name="give"><![CDATA[^dai (?<object1>.*) a (?<object2>.*)$]]></template>
 <!-- riga originale  -->
    <dynamictemplate name="DefaultGive">"Non " + object2.article + " vuole."</dynamictemplate>
   <!-- riga modificata  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultGive">"Non ha molto senso."</dynamictemplate> -->
  <verbtemplate name="hit">colpisci</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultHit">"Non puoi colpire " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="kill">uccidi</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultKill">"Non puoi uccidere " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="kiss">bacia</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultKiss">"Non puoi baciare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="knock">picchia</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultKnock">"Non puoi picchiare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lick">lecca</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultLick">"Non puoi leccare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lie">sdraiati sul</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lie">sdraiati sulla</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lie">sdraiati sui</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lie">sdraiati sulle</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lie">sdraiati sopra</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lie">sdraiati su</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lie">distenditi su</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lie">distenditi sulla</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lie">distenditi sui</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lie">distenditi sulle</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lie">distenditi sopra</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultLie">"Non puoi distenderti lì."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="listento">ascolta</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultListenTo">"Ascolti, ma non emette alcun suono."</dynamictemplate>
  <!-- erano aggiunti da elvish, tolti da cordella
  <verbtemplate name="lock">blocca</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lock">chiudi</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="lock">chiudi a chiave</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultLock">"Non puoi bloccare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="move">muovi</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="move">sposta</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultMove">"Non puoi spostare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="pull">tira</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultPull">"Non puoi tirare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="push">premi</verbtemplate>
    <verbtemplate name="push">spingi</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultPush">"Non puoi spingere " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="read">leggi</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultRead">"Non puoi leggere " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="search">cerca</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultSearch">"Non puoi cercare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="show">mostra</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="show">fai vedere</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultShow">"Non puoi mostrare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>

 <!-- la riga sotto andrebbe eliminata altrimennti confligge con 

       siediti + preposizioni

<verbtemplate name="sit">siediti</verbtemplate> 


  <verbtemplate name="sit">siediti sul</verbtemplate> <!-- perchè non funziona? a me sembra funzionare Cordella-->
  <verbtemplate name="sit">siediti sulla</verbtemplate> <!-- perchè non funziona? -->
  <verbtemplate name="sit">siediti alla</verbtemplate>

   <verbtemplate name="sit">siediti sopra</verbtemplate>

  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultSit">"Non puoi sederti lì."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="smell">annusa</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="smell">sniffa</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="smell">odora</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultSmell">"Annusi, ma non sa di niente."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="taste">assaggia</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultTaste">"Non puoi assaggiare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="throw">lancia</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="throw">scaglia</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="throw">getta</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultThrow">"Non puoi lanciare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="tie">lega</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultTie">"Non puoi legare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="touch">tocca</verbtemplate>
  <!-- nella riga sotto, ho tolto capfirst, per evitare casini con articoli -->
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultTouch">"Tocchi, ma non succede niente."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="turnon">turn on</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="turnon">turn #object# on</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="turnon">accendi</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="turnon">switch #object# on</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultTurnOn">"Non puoi accendere " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="turnoff">spegni</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="turnoff">turn #object# off</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="turnoff">switch off</verbtemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="turnoff">switch #object# off</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultTurnOff">"Non puoi spegnere " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="turn">gira</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultTurn">"Non puoi girare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="unlock">sblocca</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultUnlock">"Non puoi sbloccare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="untie">slega</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultUntie">"Non puoi slegare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <template templatetype="command" name="useon"><![CDATA[^usa (?<object1>.*) (su|con|sui|sulle|sull'|sugli|sullo|sulla) (?<object2>.*)$]]></template>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultUseOn">"Non puoi usar" + object2.article + " in questo modo."</dynamictemplate>
  <verbtemplate name="wear">indossa</verbtemplate>
  <dynamictemplate name="DefaultWear">"Non puoi indossare " + object.article + " " + object.alias + "."</dynamictemplate>
  <template templatetype="command" name="listen">^ascolta$</template> <!-- a che serve questa sintassi? -->
  <template name="DefaultListen">Non senti niente di particolare.</template>
  <template templatetype="command" name="jump">^salta$</template>
  <template name="DefaultJump">Salti, ma non succede niente.</template>
  <template templatetype="command" name="sitdown">^siediti$|^sit down$</template>
  <template name="DefaultSitDown">Non è il momento di riposarsi, ora.</template>
  <template templatetype="command" name="liedown">^sdraiati$|^lie down$</template>
  <template name="DefaultLieDown">Non è il momento di riposarsi, ora.</template>
  <template templatetype="command" name="sleep">^dormi$|^rest$</template>
  <template name="DefaultSleep">Non è il momento di riposarsi, ora.</template>
  <template templatetype="command" name="wait">^aspetta$|^z$</template>
  <template name="DefaultWait">Il tempo passa.</template>
  <template templatetype="command" name="xyzzy">^xyzzy$</template>
  <template name="DefaultXyzzy">Sorprendentemente, non accade nulla.</template>
  <template templatetype="command" name="help">^aiuto$|^\?$</template>
  <template templatetype="command" name="save">^salva$</template>

  <template name="DefaultHelp"><![CDATA[<u>Aiuto rapido</u><br/><br/>
<b>- Oggetti:</b>  Prova a scrivere GUARDA (l'oggetto o la persona)..., PARLA CON..., PRENDI..., LASCIA..., APRI..., DAI (qualcosa) A (qualcuno)..., USA... (qualcosa) SU/CON (qualcuno)...<br/>
<b>- Inventario:</b>  Guarda sulla destra cosa stai portando con te, oppure digita: I, INV oppure INVENTORY.<br/>
<b>- Fatti un giro:</b>  Premi i pulsanti della bussola, oppure digita vai a NORD, SUD, E, VAI A...<br/>
<b>- Scorciatoie da tastiera:</b>  Premi i tasti freccia su/giù per rivedere e controllare i comandi che hai già usato. Prova X... come scorciatoia per GUARDA...]]></template>

  <!-- Editor-specific templates - should eventually be moved to e.g. EditorEnglish.aslx -->
  <template name="LanguageSpecificObjectTypes"></template>
  <!-- NOTE: To add a language-specific object type, fill in the template like this: -->
  <!-- <template name="LanguageSpecificObjectTypes">masculine=Inanimate object (masculine); feminine=Inanimate object (feminine); </template>-->
  <!-- and then add <type>s masculine and feminine to the language .aslx file. The final "; " is important, don't delete it! -->

   <template name="LanguageSpecificObjectTypes">masculine=Inanimate object (masculine); feminine=Inanimate object (feminine); </template>

  <type name="masculine">
  <type name="feminine">
    <!-- <template name="EditorVerbDefaultExpression">"Non puoi #verb# " + object.alias + "."</template> --> 

 <!-- quella sopra è l'originale, la cambio con quella sotto per evitare casini con i verbi nuovi che non vengono coniugati -->
<template name="EditorVerbDefaultExpression">"Non puoi."</template> 

  <function name="GetDefaultPrefix" type="string" parameters="obj">
    if (Instr("aeiou", Left(GetDisplayAlias(obj), 1)) > 0) {
      return ("un")
    else {
      return ("un")

  <function name="WriteVerb" type="string" parameters="obj, verb">
    return (Conjugate(obj, verb))
	<!-- OKKIO: ho cambiato la riga qui sopra. L'originale è return (CapFirst(obj.gender) + " " + Conjugate(obj, verb)) -->

  <!-- sotto c'è la funzione per i verbi italiani. Questa commentata è l'originale inglese 
  <function name="Conjugate" type="string" parameters="obj, verb">
    gender = obj.gender
    if (gender = "he" or gender = "she") {
      gender = "it"
    switch (verb) {
      case ("be") {
        switch (gender) {
          case ("i") {
            return ("am")
          case ("you") {
            return ("are")
          case ("it") {
            return ("is")
          case ("we") {
            return ("are")
          case ("they") {
            return ("are")
          default {
            return ("is")
      case ("do") {
        switch (gender) {
          case ("i") {
            return ("do")
          case ("you") {
            return ("do")
          case ("it") {
            return ("does")
          case ("we") {
            return ("do")
          case ("they") {
            return ("do")
          default {
            return ("do")
      default {
        if (gender = "it") {
          return (verb + "s")
        else {
          return (verb)
  <function name="Conjugate" type="string" parameters="obj, verb">
    gender = obj.gender
    if (gender = "lui" or gender = "lei") {
      gender = "it"
    switch (verb) {
      case ("essere") {
        switch (gender) {
          case ("io") {
            return ("sono")
          case ("tu") {
            return ("sei")
          case ("") {
            return ("e'")
          case ("noi") {
            return ("siamo")
          case ("voi") {
            return ("siete")
          default {
            return ("e'")
      case ("fare") {
        switch (gender) {
          case ("io") {
            return ("faccio")
          case ("tu") {
            return ("fai")
          case ("") {
            return ("fa")
          case ("noi") {
            return ("facciamo")
          case ("essi") {
            return ("fanno")
          default {
            return ("do")
          default {
       return (verb)

  <!-- funzione suggerita da Pertex -->
        <function name="Conjugate2" type="string" parameters="obj,verb">
      gender = obj.gender
      switch (gender) {
              case ("he") {
                return ("lo")
              case ("she") {
                return ("la")
            case ("it") {
                return ("???")
              case ("they") {
                return ("???")
              default {
                return ("???")
       return (verb)
	         <function name="GetSuffix" type="string" parameters="obj">
          if ( DoesInherit (obj, "masculine") or DoesInherit (obj, "male") ) {
             return ("o")
          } else if ( DoesInherit (obj, "female") or DoesInherit (obj, "feminine") ) {
             return ("a")
          } else if ( DoesInherit (obj, "maleplural") ) {
             return ("i")
          } else if ( DoesInherit (obj, "femaleplural") ) {
             return ("e")
          } else {
             return ("")


I found the problem: it doesn't work with library "Italiano.aslx"


Alex released the last version of Quest JS in November of 2014.

You, Alex, and Pertex created your library in 2012.

I'm thinking Quest JS never worked with Italiano.aslx...

Have you ever compiled successfully in the past?

no... This is my first time. And I'm afraid it will be even the last one.

The Pixie may know of a trick to get it working for you.

He usually checks in around eight hours from now.

There are a few other Italians running around here, too, so...

Maybe you shouldn't get your hopes up too high, but don't give up on it just yet either.

You're right, K.V.

While I keep developing my game, I'll wait for Pixie - with a little bit of hope - if he has some trick.

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