QuestJS and Text to speech


I've almost got QuestJS working correctly (except for the in-game map). EDIT: I had to say this! Now I've run into a big, brick wall. Moderator, feel free to delete this thread! (I'm pretty sure including Speak.js would be pointless, anyway, even if I do find a way around this new problem.)

While making sure there is nothing missing from a game after converting to a website, I got to thinking about the text to speech functionality. I have successfully included Speak.JS, and it will read the text to the player (although the quality isn't all that impressive). But do I even need to do that?

Wouldn't someone who used text to speech already have their browser set up to do this?

I am not sure, should we delete this threat or not?

My opinion: If speak causes a problem, throw it out! It is better to have a slimmed-down QuestJs than none at all

"Wouldn't someone who used text to speech already have their browser set up to do this?"

That seems most likely. And the recent advancements in TTS make it sound almost human. The new one from Google is downright scary! That being said, I think an old, stuttering, 1990's computer voice would sound better for a text adventure... where you have to type in commands. But not as far back as 1993's War Games, "Shall we play a game?" That was pretty awful.

Remember the episode of Big Bang Theory, where Sheldon plays a CYOA on his computer? Imagine if the computer spoke the game text:

Sheldon: "Go north."
Crappy Computer Voice: "A troll blocks your path."
Sheldon: "Hit troll."
CCV: "What with?"
Sheldon: "Hit troll with sword."
CCV: "You do not have a sword."
Sheldon: "Golly, it's like it's really happening!"

If you can imagine that, then you know where this is going. With voice recognition, we don't even need to type. People will talk to their computers and not to each other. There will be no more wars, no religion, no Kardashians... wow, world peace!!!

I think I just stumbled upon the hook for my next game. But you wouldn't want one of my games being spoken aloud, that's for sure!

advancements in AI and "ahem" human-like robotics "wink"

this is super old (but really good, though ignoring its ton of bugs... back then... didn't have public releases and bug fixing... sighs) computer game, and it has a pretty sexy voice, hehe:

back when I was a young kid/teen anyways, lol

If you can turn Speak.JS on and off in-game, that would be a very cool effect -- robots and computers could speak to the player. If Speak.JS cannot do that, then I don't see anyone using it.

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