download quest on mac

Hi is there anyway I can create a game by downloading quest onto mac instead of online browser as I have read that online limits the coding. Many thanks in anticipation.

Sorry, but no. You have to have Windows to install the desktop version.

I spent a few weeks trying to get it to run under WINE in Linux, but I failed. (I got a few things to sort of seem to work, but there were always major issues, and the player would never open at all. Quest just has too many Windows dependencies.)

ok thanks anyway. The only thing that puts me off is that I read there are a lot of things you cannot achieve with an online version.

you can do everything with the online version as you can with the offline version, the only difference is that you'll have to code in the stuff yourself (for example, you can't add libraries, so you'll have to do the library's coding yourself, if you want it in the game)

also, you can create a quest game file (and quest library files) in code on your apple computer, and then upload/publish it to the quest servers, in order to play it. But, this does require you to know/learn how to code directly with quest

if you're interested, take a look here: (scroll jsut a bit past the stuff at the very top of my post: as I was responding to someone else's post, but I have a guide below on learning how to code directly with quest's 'asl' code)

and here's more guides you can take a look at too:

ask if you need help with anything

I read somewhere that I could download windows onto my Mac to make it both systems. Do you think that that would work. Only I’ll be honest the coding that I learned over six years ago has completely gone out Of my head. If not I will try to start from square one again. And thanks for replying.

I read somewhere that I could download windows onto my Mac to make it both systems.

I think you can run Windows in a virtual machine on a Mac, but you'd have to buy the Windows software first (unless you're a pirate -- Aargh!).

I'll have a look thanks me hearty aargh.

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