A few problems with my game.

Hi, I'm new here. Been on and off for a while, but I was working on a game for about 2 weeks.
I'm making a Pokémon styled game. I'm using the online/web version.
First of all, I'm having trouble with talking/conversations and showing a menu. It's at the beginning of the game, and I want to use it in case the player has any questions. I've tried doing the show a menu and click an option thing, but that didn't work. Mainly because I copy-pasted the code and only changed the formatting and the dialogue options. Maybe it's a glitch. I tried the ask/tell too, but that didn't work.
I've also had problems with health and combat. The health seems to look fine.
See here.
player.sethealth = 4
But I can't seem to get the variable to go down. - and + don't work. Maybe it's the version. Anyways, since this is the first try/version, I've just experimented by trying to have the Pokeon attack the player. But that didn't work.

Any help is fine. Thanks in advance.

First off... everyone here recommend using the downloaded version... (me too)
It's like the online version is stripped down from the downloaded one...

I like the dialog intro to the game idea!
Just make sure that when you reference your variables, you keep the case correct.
player.sethealth is not the same as player.SetHealth...
Second, and just a guess,
player.dechealth??? (decrement health?)
if you use player.health, you would then
player.health=player.health +1
player.health=player.health -1

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