JS - editing the look. Can someone, please, walk me through it?

I wish Quest had more video tutorials so you could watch the step by step process, as I find a lot of the Quest documentation confusing.

At the moment I am trying to change some of the colours - I have set my background image and the panes around the inventory, etc. But I still have a Blue pane/box around the game (if anyone could tell me what they call this in Quest it would be really helpful). I believe in order to change this you have to do it using JS but I'm on the Quest documentation and it's talking about JS Object in the game but I'm none the wiser as where they are referring to. This is the documentation: https://docs.textadventures.co.uk/quest/ui-custom.html - it gives an example of creating the style sheet; it then says "[it] should go in the interface script at the top of the Advanced Scripts tab of thye game object" ... only thing is no matter how hard I look I can't find an Advanced Scripts tab.

The other thing I want to do is change the colour of the key press 'continue' button. To clarify, I have changed the colour of the html links but for whatever reason, it doesn't change the colour of the continue button when using the wait for key press option. It just looks very odd and hard to read with blue text on a green background.

If someone has time and could walk me through both of these (just to be clear I am using the desktop version of Quest text adventure) I would be so immensely grateful. And I am sure, for those who might want to make interface changes but aren't too familiar with Quest, this would be helpful for them also.

Kindest regards,

Do you mean the location bar? go to the "Interface" tab in the game section and uncheck "Show location bar" and "Show border"

There is a continue button in Quest? Do you mean the link? Have a look at this:

Thanks Pertex,

I wasn't aware it was called the location bar which was what I think was causing the issue. Now I realise that I could have done it a much easier way, selecting the colour from there.

However - for those who like me are getting confused as to where to put code, I have since figured it out:

Step 1 - Select 'game' in the left hand panel.
Step 2 - Click on the features tab.
Step 3 - Check the box marked "Show advanced scripts for the game object" (ninth one down)
Step 4 - Click on new tab for Advanced Scripts.
Step 5 - Select the </> option to enter the code mode under the first heading labelled "User interface initialisation script".
Step 6 - Enter or paste your CSS there.

Hope this helps those who have struggled like me.

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