The forum

You guys have a discord channel or something?

I've never heard of one so I'm guessing... no.
Would be cool though.

There 's probably a few here that use Discord for personal projects. I always thought the forum could use a channel.
I am on the forum most days but don't post solutions to many problems. I wait for the big guns to come around. I have got a base hit every so often though. I would help out monitoring a channel as a forum guide. Not so much as a coder unless it's Quest basics.

The channel would not need to be posted on every page of the forum but at least in a more prominent place.

I think it would be worth trying a channel.
Or a live web chat for 99 cents a minute....No wait that's for something else.

Someone set up a discord a while back; they'd come back to the thread occasionally and post an invitation link that expired after an hour.
I never managed to join, and I guess other people had the same issues.

Well, that's cool, did you remember who gave the link or the owner? I would like to join too. This forum is fine for asking questions but sometimes i just need more detailed help in case i got one

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