Turn off Default Text?

I'm new to Quest and I was wondering how I change the opening words of phrases Quest generates ("You are in a Basement, You see this, You see that", etc.) In other words how do I get Quest to let me change things like "You are in a basement." to "Awakening in the basement, you hop out of the pull-out sofa and get ready for the day". If anyone knows how to fix this PLEASE help because I otherwise can't make this game the way I want. Thanks.

If you're using the desktop version, you can change all of the default text.
I believe you can also change the "You are in" for individual rooms; it's on one of the tabs (maybe untick "default prefix"?)

For more fine-grained control, you can turn off the descriptions completely, so it only shows the description you entered for the room. The option is something like "automatically generate descriptions", on the descriptions tab of the game object. Or you can turn off individual parts of the description.
Or you can create your own ShowRoomDescription function.

Thank you so much!

I use the desktop version and I hated having the default text. You click on the game object and there are many different settings you can adjust until you get it just the way you like it.
You can also change the order of what is displayed.

For for room descriptions I like tp use the scripts tabs. You can set up a different text for on first enter and enter room.

I keep the you see this you see that enabled. (That is the checkbox for automatically generate room description) and just make sure it's the last thing displayed.

If I remember correctly what I did(I'm at work now, can't check.)
You would need to go into the game object and change room description to 0( forgot which tab) this will turn it off.
Then under the room object in the script tab you can use the on first enter to part to type something like "Awakening in the basement, you hop out of the pull-out sofa and get ready for the day."
Then use the on entering room part to type something like "you are in your room"
When you start it will display.both. i think I used an if statement checking the visited attribute to prevent this.

I have accomplished exactly what you are trying to do through the desktop GUI alone with no raw coding, but since I'm new as well and not at my computer I can't explain it in exact detail.

Hopefully I have enough info for you to continue making your game.

I'll check back after I get home and either edit this post with better information or make a new post if you haven't already got what you needed.

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