Best way to do Knowledge skills

I'd like to create some Verbs or Commands where players can use specialist skills to gain more information from the item. Sort of like a specialised "look" command for certain items that can be used game-wide. I'm not sure how to tie it to the specific objects, though, to make sure that when you look at the corpse, for example, using biological knowledge, you gain more detailed info.

You could make something happen that sets an attribute on the player. Like:

game.pov.med_knowledge = true

Then, on the verb:

    //The player has medical knowledge.  Put the appropriate script here.
    //The player has somehow lost medical knowledge.  Put the appropriate script here.
  //The player has no knowledge of medical knowledge.  Put the appropriate script here


Do not manually set up the med_knowledge attribute when going by this example.

Quest will check if the player has the attribute, first. If not, it will display the normal look message.

If the player does have the attribute, Quest will check if it's set to true or false.

If true, the player has medical knowledge, and the appropriate message will print / script will run.

If false, the message will be something like: "You seem to have some vague idea of how to do something here, but you must have stopped studying!"

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