Community chatroom/IRC/Discord?

I do have some questions about the code, and i feel like asking them online would be better... These questions are not critical, i can find an answer on my own but it would just take quiet a while. And anyway to have a regular online community would be good for the project itself, right?

Anyway I will ask my question here. I want to have a "scenery" super-room which will basically reflect what is going on in the background of several various rooms. Traffic, weather, and so on. Also, I would love to have several rooms like this, not just one. I am wondering what would be the easiest way to implement this? Maybe I could create one object and leave references to this object and let it display in each room which has the reference?

I will try to look it up on my own, but I suspect there might be an easy answer to this....


This may help you:

This is an interesting thing, though this is not exactly what I wanted...the way the scope was implemented kind of hinted that I could possible create a Turn Script that will regularly write Messages with the descriptions of the objects which are located within the Parent room from the room where the player is located, so say I want a one-liner with weather description in each Child room. In this case whenever you enter the child room, the script will look up the parent and Message the description of the objects located in parent? that will do probably.

The way I would do it is to have all the rooms inside other rooms. The top level rooms would be zones, and inaccessible to the player. Have your turn script (or a script that runs when the player enters a room; see the Scripts tab of the game object) print a message depending on the zone the current room is in. player.parent.parent will give you the current zone (but make sure all rooms are in zones).

Or better still, have the turn script run a script, perhaps called "sceneryscript", on the zone. Your turn script then is simply:

invoke(player.parent.parent, "sceneryscript")

That makes sense thanks!

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