Memory Error


During the finishing of my game/story, this error popped up onto my screen.
Error: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException'
Is there a way to solve this, I really need to get this project done.

The Pixie

That is not an error I have ever seen before. Can you give more details? Are you editing/playing on line? Are you finishing editing the game or playing it? What exactly triggers the error message? If playing, then could you post any code that would be running at that time (click code view, and copy and paste the code, even if it means nothing to you).


The last time I saw an "out of memory" error was in the 1980's when a computer MAY have up to 64K of ram!!!


something amusing:

computers' processing power is increasing and so is their memory...

how long would it take for an infinite loop to crash a computer?

processing power (speed) vs memory (size)

it would be a cool experiment to see (have a stop watch with you)!

in the future:

quantum computer vs dna memory (only 4 grams of DNA can hold our/humanity's entire knowledge base: the internet/electronic data and non-electronic knowledge/records/data)


I've had this come up on mine today when trying to load and edit. Online building.

Failed to load game due to the following errors:

  • Error: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.

Still doesn't load.


Is it more server shenanigans then?


Yep more server problems, it's been a real pain for the last two weeks


and it's down again

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