Making an NPC move to random adjacent rooms

Hey everyone, I'm making a Granny game like the NPC character in the actual Granny game, where Granny is an NPC. However, I can't seem to make Granny move to adjacent rooms randomly.

I've seen The Pixiv's NPC library but so far I can only make out the part to move around randomly to adjacent rooms till it goes into the same room as another object under the Search function, and I've also seen the actual Wiki but what I can make out of it is patrolling randomly across different rooms, so I think it is possible to 'jump' rooms using the guide.
So far my current solution is to 'hard code' it, but it requires too much good than I think is necessary. Can someone help me to make Granny move about randomly to adjacent rooms? (please try to keep it simple HAHAHA)

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