Third Person Changing 'You take' to 'She takes'

Hi! I'm new to Quest and coding in general. I'm sure this has definitely been asked before, but I can't find the topic. I noticed that when my character tries to do something, it automatically uses "You" in such things as "you can't take that" or "you switch it on" How do I change this?

(currently) only a few threads down (albiet a possibly mis-leading or unrecognized title of the same question you have here), see this link to the thread:

it answers this question for you

(see richard's post, his first pic/screen-shot, at the very bottom of it, is the checkbox toggle for whether to do the 'You are in NAME_OF_ROOM' or not, as well as the other pics/screen-shots options/controls as well)

(or for more advanced usage, see Pixie's post on Template usage)

as for using 'he/she/it/his/her/it', there's the built-in 'gender' and 'article' String Attributes:
(but you got to know/learn how to use Attributes)

Playing a "first person" game, told in "third person" could be a bit confusing...
Unless, what you are trying to do, is make it sound as if the player is following a person, or story, and you want it to sound as if the player is just watching what the NPCs are doing, but at the same time, controlling them...
.> get rock
You watch as she bends over to pick up the rock. She ponders why she get the rock and seems unsure why she has it.
.>drop rock
Not understanding why she has it, she drops it back to the ground where oddly enough, it rolls back to the same place it was before.
Remembering where she was going before being distracted by the rock, she climbs the steps to her apartment building and enters through the front doors.

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