accessing a scriptdictionary attribute

so I have in an object an attribute that is a script dictionary. How do I access that script from the dictionary? When I use ScriptDictionaryItem in the game start I get an error:

<start type="script">
ScriptDictionaryItem (player.scriptdictionaryattribute, "reply_one")
// should print "one"
ScriptDictionaryItem (player.scriptdictionaryattribute, "reply_two")
// should print "two"

Error: Error adding script attribute 'start' to element 'game': Function not found: 'ScriptDictionaryItem'

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ScriptDictionaryItem returns the script. You need to do something with that script.

You probably want to invoke (run) the script, so you might do:

invoke (ScriptDictionaryItem (player.scriptdictionaryattribute, "reply_one"))

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