"You can see..." - Well sadly you can't :(

Little heads up really - I have forgotten how to change this or turn it off and use my own wording so decided to search for it. (I thought there was a tab or radio button)

All I get is this page:



Go to the game object > Room Descriptions Tab:
Here you can...

  • ...uncheck 'Automatically generate room descriptions'
    (If only this is checked the descriptions will be generated but not automatically printed)
  • ...uncheck 'Show room description when entering a room'
    (If the first option is unchecked the object lists will be empty. You can manually print the room description with the 'ShowRoomDescription' function)

If you only want to remove the room description's object list then stay in the 'Room Descriptions' Tab. Under 'Room description layout' you can change the order of the description or disable single parts of the automatically generated room description completely.

You can find the description object list's prefix, 'You can see...', in the 'Room' Tab of each room object.

I wonder how these attributes look in code. Like the object list's prefix.

Cheers @Curt A.P - Been a user for over six months now and I find it frustrating at times that I forget these things - However your reply sorted me out. Thanks!



As long as I have been around, I too still have oversights. More frequently than I should admit. =)

Good luck!

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