A few questions, making first game using browser

I have a few questions, can anyone help me out?

  1. I would like to have an event trigger when entering a space after getting an object. Specifically, once taking a journal from one place, I would like text to appear when re-entering a previous space that says "upon returning to your campsite, you see someone running away from you towards the water." I don't want this happening the first time you get to the campsite, only after you find the journal. How do I do this?

  2. I want to have a wooden ball that has a key inside, but you can only get the key after burning it in a fire. So first, you need to find wood and matches and start a fire in the firepit specifically. Then you put the ball in the fire and have access to the key. This seems complicated, is it possible?

  3. I want a space that you can only access when wearing certain clothing. Specifically, you have to find the diving suit and only when wearing it can you walk NORTH into the water and access the next space.

  4. After that action trigger from question 1, I want night to fall after you walk 10 more spaces. At that time, if you haven't turned on your flashlight, animals can hurt you. Later in the game once the fire has been started I want the animals to no longer be a problem at all, but first you need the flashlight as it takes more time to collect the wood and start the fire. Also I'd like day to return after a certain amount of moves (so you can say "wait" to pass time) and after that there are no more day/night cycles. Animals cause more damage at night than during the day, and I'd like to have them appear more frequently in certain parts of the map.

  5. I want to be able to push an object into an adjacent space but not be able to take it. It's a boat, and I want to have to push it two spaces WEST to the water before you can get in it and use it. And only use it if you have the key. And how do I change the description of the room to indicate there's a boat there now?

  6. I want to have a rope and a magnet, and you have to attach the magnet to the rope before you can drop it down a well to collect the bucket which contains a key. How do you have it so the rope and magnet alone don't work, but only work after you've attached the magnet to the rope? And then how do you say "you put the rope with magnet down the well. It attaches to something." then, you pull up the rope before you have the bucket in your possession. Then you have to look in the bucket and take the key.
    EDIT: what I tried to do was give the rope a 'use/give' function and when 'used' with the magnet I have the rope and magnet go invisible and a magnetized rope added to the inventory. I haven't tested it yet but it should work?

  7. I have a tent. I want to have to set up the tent and then be able to go inside of it only after it's set up. Then it provides shelter from animals.

  8. There's a cabin. How do I have it so inside the cabin, if you move a rug, you now have access to a new door going down?

  9. How do I have it so you need the cabin key to unlock the door before going in?

  10. How do I make it so that you can't 'look at' an object up close, or 'read note' until you 'take note'. So that you can't read a map in a room until you take it.

  11. How do I change the description of a room after taking an object from it? I want the room description to mention the room is empty except for a map, but once you take the map the room is empty.

I'm sure I'll have more questions but these are what I'm confused about currently. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

It looks like you want someone else to write your game for you.
Have you even started any of this yet? If so where are you at and what have you achieved so far?

I really do suggest you build some small test games that incorporate the various aspects you are after. Once you have them working satisfactorily, then try putting them together. s l o w l y.

Remember, always start small and build up or else you will become disheartened and never finish.

Have you worked through the tutorial yet? That will help build your knowledge as to how things work.
If you strike problems along the way, ask here for help but keep the requests specific and short as nobody will want to write your game for you.

Not trying to be pesimistic - just realistic.
Good luck.

Thanks for the help @R2T1 !

I've started it, have all of the map mapped out so you can walk to each part of the map, have all of the items there with some functionality (such as having to wear a pair of pants before you can find the knife in the pocket) and you're right, the more I try things the more I figure out. Perhaps I was asking questions too soon.

One way to make the key in the ball appear is to already have the key (Set to invisible)in the fire pit room. Place ball in fire script (Without coding)Could be
Print You put the ball in the fire . The ball blazes And is reduced to ashes There was something in it. You rake a key out of the ashes.
Make key visible
Make ball invisible

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