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I appreciate all of your time ahead of time!

I was wondering how to include the Walkthrough choices in my Character Creator. Something like an option they can click that would run through all the questions like it usually does. I'm not sure how to invoke/do the Walkthrough.

Thank you so much for your time!


Making a walk through is easy. Create it in the editor, then click on the record button. It will take you into the game, and build a walk-through of everything you do. If you click record on an existing walkthrough, it will take you to the end, then append any new actions to it.

Hey Pix!

Yes, I know how to create a a walkthrough via the record and picking the choices. But I was wondering how to create that option in the character creator. Come to think of it. I think I might try something first....Thanks for the idea!


Well, that didn't work.

So my Character Creator is split into individual functions which I know how to invoke/do but I don't know how to select a random option from each of them like the walkthrough method does.

For example, if the player doesn't want to take the time to go through the creator, they could do this option which would select random for all the choices automatically.

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  if (result = "Random") {
    result = PickOneString(Split("Yes;No", ";"))

^ I have this which the player can choose to pick an already existing option as well.


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ah, this is part of my own character creation! :D

I have (and like) as much as inputs as possible, be number choices, to reduce keyboard-typing or mouse-clicking (hand-finger) usage (less carpal tunnel syndome or arthritis, lol), and making it quicker/easier for the person playing the game

I have both a random choice for the entire character creation process and random choice for each individual 'trait/attribute/setting' of the character creation too, example displayment:

Character Generation?

0. random selection (of the below #1-4 choices)
1. custom: full custom character creation for the person playing the game (but takes the longest), but each individual choice has a random choice for it as well, if the person doesn't want to make a decision for that individual character choice
2. survey: your character is generated from your answers to questions (takes 2nd longest): for example: and
3. preset: choose from pre-built characters (takes 2nd quickest)
4. random: randomly creates/generates a character for you (no custom control, but is the quickest method)

I like using the '0' for my: '0. random selection' choice

for example displayment:


0. random selection (of the below #1-6)
1. human
2. dwarf
3. elf
4. gnome
5. halfling
6. giant

and code-wise example:

('m still using an old version of quest, so for example, I'm not used to using the 'PickOneString' that Pixie added to quest, so I create my own displayment and etc stuff, which may have already been added into quest by Pixie, again, such as with the 'PickOneString' example)

(also, I got extra code lines and variables, which hopefully are actually reducing the operations that quest is doing, to make it more efficient, and/or instead of as one long/complex code line to avoid mistakes with doing so, so hopefully it is more clear than less clear with what I'm doing, lol --- though you do have to read my long variable/attribute names closely, to tell them apart, meh)

(the below is jsut an example, my 'work in progress / on long hiatus' character creation is much more complex, which is why I'm still working on it / on long hiatus, with it, lol)

msg ("race?")

msg ("")

numbering_integer_variable = 0

msg (numbering_integer_variable + ". random selection (of the #1-6 choices below)")

foreach (item_string_variable, example_object.race_stringlist_attribute) {

  numbering_integer_variable = numbering_integer_variable + 1

  msg (numbering_integer_variable + ". " + item_string_variable)


on ready {

  get input {

    if (IsInt (result)) {

      input_integer_variable = ToInt (result)

      input_index_number_integer_variable = input_integer_variable - 1

      list_count_integer_variable = ListCount (example_object.race_stringlist_attribute)

      last_index_number_integer_variable = list_count_integer_variable - 1

      viable_random_index_number_integer_variable = GetRandomInt (0, last_index_number_integer_variable)

      if (input_integer_variable = 0) {

        player.race_string_attribute = StringListItem (example_object.race_stringlist_attribute, viable_random_index_number_integer_variable)

      } else if (input_integer_variable > 0 and input_index_number_integer_variable < list_count_integer_variable) {

        player.race_string_attribute = StringListItem (example_object.race_stringlist_attribute, input_index_number_integer_variable)

      } else {

        // Error: wrong input: not within bounds/range for viable inputs
        // looping scripting


    } else {

      // Error: wrong input: Not a numeric input
      // looping scripting




forgot, if it's not clear:

for #4 of my 'Character Generation?' (fully/entirely randomly generating/creating your character), would require you to code for it to randomly select every character 'trait/attribute/etc' choice, in order to fully randomize the character generated for the person

fully/entirely randomly generating/creating your character would require you to code for it to randomly select every character 'trait/attribute/etc' choice, in order to fully randomize the character generated for the person

Exactly! That's what I'm trying to figure out how to do. The player can already go through the character creator one question at a time (one function at a time) but I don't know how to have an answer preselected from clicking like "random character" which picks all the 'random' selections for them.


Also, heya HK :D

Maybe you can make your own function to handle the menu options.

<function name="CharacterShowMenu" parameters="title, options, allow_cancel, callback">
  if (GetBoolean (game, "random_character")) {
    params = NewDictionary()
    dictionary add (params, "result", PickOneString (options))
    invoke (callback, params)
  else {
    ShowMenu (title, options, allow_cancel, callback)

You could search and replace ShowMenu with CharacterShowMenu in your character creation code; then it will pick a random option if game.random_character is true, and show a menu otherwise.

Hey Mr.Angel :D

I guess I could just create a separate library for that one choice which leaves nothing but the random choices of the creator? I don't know --- that seems very excessive.

I don't know how to make the creator choose the "random" option of the choices for all the functions like the walkthrough does, that's why I mentioned it in the beginning.


Actually --- a better question might be...


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