Using pages in GameBook more than once

I have a suituation where I want to use the same page more than once in the GameBook part of Quest.
The problem is that I want Quest to go to a different page the second time the same page is used.
I could use a flag for this but the flag is going to be set as soon as the the repeated page is displayed so it's always going to go back to the same page.
To give a better understanding:
In the script on the 'repeat' page I would set a flag called "BeenHereBefore" in the script.
On the "repeat" page I would use the if command on the description so that if the flag "BeenHereBefore is not set then then when the players clicks on the "continue" link the previous page is displayed. If the "BeenHereBefore flag is set and the player clicks on the continue link then I want the game to display a different page and not the precious page.

I hope this makes sense. I'm trying to find a way that works.

You don't need your own flag "BeenHereBefore", there is the buildin flag "visited"

Try something like this with the text processor:

{if Page1.visited:go to {page:Page3}}

Thanks for the code Pertex.

Is there still a way that only if a flag has been set that Quest will go to a different page?
I might be returning back to page 1 many times before a flag gets set to take me to a different page.

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