Glitch where I can't publish publicly

Hi I recently finished a game and I went to publish it, under "who can access this game" I selected "everybody" but for some reason after I clicked update and when I went to view my game listing, it still said the game was unlisted. I tried again several times but this still happened. Any ideas on why?

here is the link to the game:

The mods need to review your game first before it can be released to the masses...

Oooo thanks!! Will I get a notification or something when it can be published?

No, you don't get a notification. You have to wait.

No... when they give it the stamp of approval, it will become listed...
But any of your updates will be published right away.
May take about a week.

My first game got published after 12 hours. My second game was published after 3 days. It depends how busy they are.

It looks like your game might not have been published publicly.

Have you done this?

As someone who can place games, I am seeing the same thing as if I were viewing a privately posted game. When you have time, try it again and I will list ASAP. If it doesn’t work, we’ll have to figure it out!

Good luck!

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