Delaying linked text

Having a bit of trouble with this code:

SetTimeout (1) {
  msg ("{object:player}")

Specifically, any object link like this inside a Timeout won't be clickable until the turn after it appears. Is there any way to appropriately delay such a message? Bug has been duplicated offline and online.

Edit: Adding quotes to msg, for posterity. Thanks!

I think you also need the double quotes...

SetTimeout (1) {
  msg ("{object:player}")

but, this has nothing to do with your topic/question/help-needed

hopefully someone else can actually help you with this stuff, as I don't think I can be of much help... as I still don't know quest's built-in stuff that well...

Create a function:


display_verbs_string = Join(obj.displayverbs,"/")
return ("<a id=\"verblink1\" class=\"cmdlink elementmenu\" data-elementid=\""+GetDisplayAlias(obj)+"\" data-verbs=\""+display_verbs_string+"\">"+GetDisplayAlias(obj)+"</a>")

(return a "string")

Then you can do this (substituting any object you can look at during the turn, if you'd like):

SetTimeout (1) {
  msg (ObjectLinkHTML(player))

That's the first thing I thought, too, HK.

It does need those quotes.

...but, even with the quotes, it displays the link ...and nothing happens when you click it.

Something with the timeout and the text processor, I suppose.

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