Changing the Color of Custom Status Pane text


I'm using the Custom Status Pane in my game to show off current buffs and (eventually debuffs), that tick down by 1 each round. I've fiddled around with it a bit, to ensure that it posts the information I want, but I don't want a bright orange color for the text, as it clashes with everything else textual in the game.

Problem is, is that the custom status initialization script only accepts a single variable, a string, to display information in the Custom Status Pane. So, how would I get it to change the color of the text. I have found that text processor commands with the {} are ignored (thus {colour:grey:TEXT} doesn't work), but have found that bold, italic, and underline or linebreak using the do work.

Anyone know how to do it to make the custom Status Pane text be a different color?

Have you tried...

The Custom Status Pane has to be done in HTML, so no, the text processor commands do not work. HTML uses <i> for italic, etc. which is easy, but colours are a bit more involved.

Some text <span style=\"color:grey\">with a bit in grey</span>

Note that the " has to have a \ before it if this is in a Quest string. Colour has to be in the American spelling, but I think both grey and gray will work.

I was wondering about grey and gray too...

The text processor with take "colour" or "color", by the way.

Thanks! Works like a charm.

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