android version

is there an android version?

I think QuestKit was initially begun to address that issue, don't know. But, most of the engine seems to be built in C#, which is a Microsoft proprietary coding environment. What they have built to compile out to, since there isn't an OSX, or ChromeOS desktop environment, looks like it is a windows only environment.

There is also a lot of .vb code in here, so someone is using Visual studio in a windows environment to create the forms and windows, etc. is my guess.

Until there is someone who can create code to work in other platforms that may not have strong support for C#, or there is something like Unity that will take care of the output, I think there is going to be a of limitations in what this platform can be used for.

OSX/iOS is a BSD Unix environment, and Chrome OS/android is Linux. The javascript can run in browsers, but the engine itself is built for Windows.

Not sure if that answers your question, but it is what I see.

"-" egoproctor

i mean a way to play quest games on android there was a way to convert them but that doesnt work

The C# and visual studio programming system is the problem.
Android uses a completely different set of internal functions to talk to the hardware, essentially, an entirely new core engine has to be built because Quest is crippled in it dependency on the Visual Studio frame work to write large portions of the code for the developers, at least as far as access into the core system goes. To rebuild the core so that it can work on android, that isn't going to be fun or easy. I don't see an iphone option either.

To recreate this system for android would require porting everything to C++, if C was to be the standard language, and Objective C for Apple devices.

The biggest problem is going to be in the libraries of functions that android and apple use to interface between software and the OS and the OS and hardware. Windows uses the completely irresponsible and retarded system of registry files, while apple and linux (android) have everything in more standard files, with various permissions to allow access to various processes. Far more secure and far less stupid.

Remember, it was through theft of technology and manipulation of the business environment that Microsoft even got off the ground. DOS wasn't really an invention of Gates.

Unix was developed by Bell labs and other groups because before this, there wasn't really a standard operating system to use for all the various hardware that was being built. Every company that built hardware had to also develop an operating system. Unix was too expensive for home use, so various attempts at making other operating systems were developed. CP/M was the predecessor to DOS, and in those days, intellectual property wasn't very strict or hashed out. When IBM didn't want to license CP/M, Gates had the operating system 'reversed engineered' to create MS/DOS. There was also some purchasing of licenses, but, really, Gates just stole it. He then had a project with IBM that was two fold, to run DOS, and later Windows products, on all IBM Machines sold to the public, and also to develop OS/2 for IBM internally. OS/2 was an amazing operating system for its time, but it didn't make it very far outside of IBM, kind of like token ring networks.

Because people weren't given an option of operating system when buying their home computers, they either had to buy IBM or IBM compatible products and use Microsoft, or the more expensive Apple products that used a different processor architecture, Microsoft products became the norm for the home user, and eventually businesses.

However, Unix, and later Linux, still ran corporate enterprises, practically the entire internet, it is the backbone for Apple Operating systems, it is the backbone for Android, and it requires quite a bit more understanding of computers and operating systems to write well in those environments.

There are other issues with why Microsoft is the go to consumer operating system, such as deep state monitoring. Intel, via a Snowden disclosure, has put an embedded RISC (Reduced Instruction Set) processor into all new Intel chips, those i3 i5 and i7s and server processors. This RISC chip serves one purpose it seems, to allow outside access to your machine at any time by using a hardware backdoor to take over the root processes of you system and do as they please. I don't want to get too deep into the details, but it is essentially a Russian/Israeli led push to create a global system of spying on everyone all the time, that NWO fun fun.

anyway, that was not really related, except, a very large number of people, especially PC gamers, grew up with Microsoft and it is where their comfort systems lie and it is where the most momentum has built up for game development.

i mean a way to play quest games on android there was a way to convert them but that doesnt work

The web player lets you play games on any platform with a web browser. If you want an offline player, it's unlikely to happen because Quest is built around WPF. This has been a bit of a sticking point for porting applications; though it looks like the situation might be improving.

Considering that net core + Xamarin combo can run on Android it is not impossible to port Quest's player to Android. However it will be quite involved task, since Quest is currently targeting the full .Net framework and uses all libraries that will need to be checked for compatibility with net core and Xamarin


This thread is making me have flashbacks. I've ventured down this rabbit hole and never found how deep it goes, but, based on the things I saw during the misadventure, I think I can safely say that everyone here is correct.

Alex realized Quest needed to be rewritten from the ground up to be a cross-platform application. He started numerous projects just before he completely abandoned Quest: Questjs, QuestKit, and Quest 6. He never got any of these to the beta stage, either.

Questjs was supposed to convert a .quest file to a website. It only works with games created with older versions of Quest, and there is still a 95% chance of failure. I tried (with help) to make Questjs work with games created with the current version of Quest (and/or to actually work when using an older version of Quest), but I failed miserably. (The way Quest sometimes passes parameters to dictionaries doesn't work out well in Javascript. This causes crashes. Crashes BAD!)

QuestKit sort of works, but you have to actually code. There is no GUI. Plus, seeming how Alex never completed it, it lacks quite a few standard text adventure features.

If you are feeling froggy, this is probably the one you can get the most out of.

It can be installed via NPM, too, and you can use that version to output the website files you'd need to convert into an app.

NOTE: If you can already code enough to make all this work, you may be better off creating your own TA engine from scratch in JS, but Alex did do about 80% of the required coding already. The problem is figuring out how to add the missing features. I.e., I could never figure out how implement the last object mentioned so the player could use commands like TAKE IT after having examined something.

Quest 6 flat-out sucks due to the early stages it was in when abandoned. It is basically Quest 5.5 (maybe Quest 5.6?) with no built-in GUI game runner. You have to start up a server in CLI to play Quest games in your browser.

The Quest editor and the Quest player are actually two different beasts which are accessed through the Quest interface (which is also a different beast).

I also tried to get Quest to work under WINE on Linux for quite a while. I did (eventually) get it where I could create a game, but attempting to even open the player always caused an immediate crash.

As for Androids, the best idea I've heard is creating a simple app which links to game's main page (from within the app).

I've also heard talk of creating an app which links to the CREATE A QUEST GAME page. You'd probably need to make its display vertical only, otherwise some important buttons would not be displayed sometimes.

So, when myarichuk said, "it will be quite involved task," I guess that about summed it up.

egoproctor, I'm digging the info you're dropping.

Nothing is free when using certain devices in this online world. This is exactly what Zamyatin, Orwell, Huxley, Rand, Chomsky, and the like warned us about. (O, brave new world!)

...and there was this guy named Bernays, too...

Anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about should definitely look into it. (The same goes for anyone who doesn't know what egoproctor is talking about.)

Happy gaming, everyone!

Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges lightly discuss the issues with Bernays and how British Bankers and industrialists destroyed America after the Civil War and instituted wage slavery as a social system to stop independent entrepreneurs from gaining large profits from their labor in community owned factories. The destruction of the American dream started in the early 1660s with the start of the Civil War.

This 4 hour documentary by Bill Still gets you into the history of our current banking regime, who the bankers were, and it isn't very hard to do some research into who started stuff like Zionism. The Chabad Lubavitch are a bit harder to track down.

Benjamin Freeman exposes what really happened with WWI and WWII, and what our current system is based on.

This is actually what the focus of my text adventure is on, why I am using a cellphone as a game object to allow the player to navigate through snippets of videos and files and images that trace the 13000 years of human history I have mapped.

As a teaser, solar flares hit the planet, the dating has been essentially confirmed to 13000 years ago. Anthony Peratt was working at Los Alamos labs for the US Department of Energy on experiments to replace nuclear reactors with Plasma reactors. What he found blew a hole right through everyone's notions of world history. What he found was that the plasma discharge morphology created in his experiments was not only consistent every time, but variations on the exact same patterns was carved on rocks on every continent we have access to. So far at least 139 countries.
Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs

Traditional Cosmology: The Global Mythology of Cosmic Creation and Destruction
(London: All-Round Publications, 2011; 2018)

This work, in 6 volumes, is a compendium of traditional cosmologies worldwide. The material includes the global mythology of creation and destruction, but also comprises information drawn from other areas of traditional knowledge, ritual, iconography, shamanism, costume, and dance. Relying on original sources, universal points of agreement are identified, often on counter-intuitive ideas. These suggest a single template, a blueprint for a universal mythology of origins with local variations.
His primary paper discussing his work. 425 categories of agreement between all global myths and Peratt's experiments and the rock art. This is the origins of global tree of life and creation mythology, what caused the floods and fires in myths, and what inspired stories of battling gods.


P.S. The computer stuff, well, Bill Gates recently admitted that Israel wrote most of the code for Windows 10...
Israel has given control of its major ports to China and is moving its technology sector into China to use its capacity to mass produce all kinds of interesting and dangerous technology. Check out Brendon O'Connell on YouTube.

#AlJazeera undercover investigation into the Israel Lobby in America. Nearly complete control of government, and dedicated campaigns to stop support for Palestinian rights





Last time I checked this website was blocked in the UK, so if you can't get to it, look up the implications of US Public Law 102-14 and the Babylonian Talmud
It is actually related to US House Joint Resolution 101-173 (Public Law 101-15) US House Joint Resolution 102-104 (Public Law 102-14) and Presidential Proclamation 5956. These are all American legal actions that give the Chabad Lubavitch power to create special Talmudic Courts of Justice in every city in America, and then Globally. I promise you, they are going to be like Gulags.

For more reference, or in case you can't get to the website listed above,
There is a section pretty far down that talks about the US Government and Talmudic Courts

And a final gift for everyone, Yuri Bezmenov, KGB Defector explains how nations are infiltrated and destabilized and their cultures manipulated.

I figured a choose your own adventure game that walked people through this in jumps and such and let them figure out how to navigate it would be fun.

Anyone that wants to help, I am always game for more coding help.

And perhaps a team with enough experience can get together to rebuild the engine from scratch in small teams of 1 or 2. Dreams, Dreams. haha.

OK. Enough scaring the children..... }8)


Hey... I was unaware of the Talmudic Court thing.

Thanks for all those links!

I'll keep an eye out for your game.

Can't we at least fix the browser layout? It needs to be more readable on the mobile, plus a way to have the keyboard visible.
These two would greatly improve playability on mobiles.

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