navigate to another room using the room describtion

Just started here ...
Is it possible to create a link to another room in the room describtion instead of the usual manner?

In my game I point to a sphere where you can go in ... but I would like something like "You can go into the sphere" where I would like the words "into the sphere" to be a link to that exit.

You could make it a command link. For example You can go {command:go in:into the sphere}. This creates a link which will type "go in" in the command bar and enter it when clicked.

Or you could use a link to the exit. For example: You can go {exit:exit123:into the sphere}.
This is the same as an object link, but for exits. To make it work, you need to use the name of the exit (which is usually something that looks like exit123 unless you gave it a different name). This method is more efficient.

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